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Abstracts for the talks.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

8:00 - 9:00 AMRegistration - Check-InAtrium/Lobby
9:00 - 10:30 AMPlenary Session 1: (Chair: Felipe Menanteau)Auditorium-RM 1122
Welcome/Overview - Joaquin Vieira(slides)
Crystal Ball Gazing of Time Domain Astronomy - Shri Kulkarni(slides)
Cosmology with gravitational waves - Patrick Brady(slides)
10:30 - 11 AMBreakAtrium/Lobby
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 1A: Supernovae I (Chair: Alex Gagliano)Auditorium-RM 1122
Gathering Early UV Observations of Type II Supernovae - Azalee Bostroem(slides)
Origin of Type la Supernovae: Infant-Phase Observations from the KMTNet Supernova Program - Yuan Qi Ni(slides)
Super-Kamiokande galactic supernova's neutrino burst monitoring - Guillaume Pronost(slides)
Observing the Youngest Supernovae in the Nearby Universe - Jeniveve Pearson(slides)
Presenting the Swope Supernova Survey and its first Type la supernova data release - C├ęsar Rojas-Bravo(slides)
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 1B: Multi-messenger Astronomy I (Chair: Gautham Narayan)RM 1030
General Coordinates Network (GCN): NASA's Next Generation Alert System for Time-domain and Multimessenger Astronomy - Vidushi Sharma PRESENTER: Eric Burns(slides)
Community coordination to maximize science return in the era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics: an ecosystem of services - Rachel Street(slides)
LINCC - developing software for large-scale analysis of time domain data - Neven Caplar(slides)
Transient and Variable Science Opportunities with Early Alerts from the Rubin Observatory - Eric Bellm(slides)
Transient and Variable Classification Alerts for ELAsTiCC - Rob Knop(slides)
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 1C: Exotic Transients (Chair: Kedar Phadke)RM 1040
Characterizing auroral radio emission produced by large-scale magnetospheres - Barnali Das(slides)
Multi-band look at the black hole X-ray transient Swift J1357.2-0933 and discovery of the Millihertz Variability in the X-ray light curves - Aru Beri(slides)
Unveiling the Diversity of NS Merger Counterparts With Observations of GRBs - Jillian Rastinejad(slides)
Radio counterparts of binary neutron star mergers from present to future - Avery Eddins(slides)
Short timescale radio variability in black hole and neutron star X-ray binary jets - Eli Pattie(slides)
12:40 - 2 PMLunchAtrium/Lobby
2- 3:30 PMPlenary Session 2: (Chair: Gautham Narayan)Auditorium-RM 1122
Multimessenger Studies with High-Energy Neutrinos - Marcos Santander(slides)
The Era of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries - Sarah Burke-Spolaor(slides)
3:30 - 4 PMBreakAtrium/Lobby
4 - 5:40 PMParallel Session 2A: Supernovae II (Chair: Paul Ricker)Auditorium-RM 1122
Probing pre-supernova mass loss in double-peaked Type Ibc supernovae - Kaustav Kashyap Das(slides)
Evidence for Magnetar Powering from Late-time Observations of Hydrogen-Poor Superluminous Supernovae - Peter Blanchard(slides)
Shock cooling of a red-supergiant supernova at redshift 3 in lensed images - Wenlei Chen(slides)
Connecting Type la Populations with Deep-Learning Accelerated Abundance Tomography - John O'Brien(slides)
Infrared Evolution of Type la Supernovae - Lindsey Kwok(slides)
4 - 5:40 PMParallel Session 2B: New & Upcoming Resources I (Chair: Patrick Aleo)RM 1030
The Compton Spectrometer and Imager - Alyson Joens(slides)
WINTER: a new time-domain near-IR facility - Danielle Frostig(slides)
The La Silla Southern Sky Survey - Adam Miller(slides)
The Keck Infrared Transient Survey: a public near-infrared spectroscopic survey - Samaporn Tinyanont(slides)
TURBO: Total-Coverage Ultra-fast Response to Binary-Mergers Observatory - Daniel Warshofsky(slides)
4 - 5:40 PMParallel Session 2C: Explosions & AGN (Chair: Kedar Phadke)RM 1040
The Host Galaxies of Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass Explosions - Anya Nugent(slides)
Shocks, jets, and emerging nebulae: ~year to decade-scale radio transients in d < 200 Mpc galaxies - Dillon Dong(slides)
Past AGN Activity in TDE Host Galaxies - Decker French(slides)
Investigating Dynamics of Active Galactic Nuclei Jets Using FERMI and TESS Observations - Banafsheh Beheshtipour, Manel Errando and Tansu Daylan - PRESENTER: Banafsheh Beheshtipour(slides)
Searching for Variable Dwarf Galaxies with the Young Supernova Experiment -Alexander Messick(slides)
6:00 PM Opening ReceptionAtrium/Lobby

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

9:00 - 10:30 AMPlenary Session 3: (Chair: Paul Ricker)Auditorium-RM 1122
Novel Metrics for Time Series Analysis of Accreting Systems - Rebecca Phillipson(slides)
Supernovae! - Ryan Foley(slides)
The transient and variable VHE galactic sky - Masha Chernyakova(slides)
10:30 - 11 AMBreakAtrium/Lobby
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 3A: Supernovae III (Chair: Gautham Narayan)Auditorium-RM 1122
First Impressions: Early-Time Classification of Supernovae - Alexander Gagliano(slides)
Exploring Type lln Supernovae using MOSFiT - Conor Ransome(slides)
Non-parametric Type la Supernova Delay-time Distributions, Tested with IllustrisTNG - Bhavin Joshi(slides)
Reconstructing the physics of explosion using machine learning - Wolfgang Kerzendorf(slides)
SuperVRAENN+: Compressing Supernovae Light Curves into Informative Latent Features for Classification - Kaylee de Soto(slides)
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 3B: Explosive Transients (Chair: Felipe Menanteau)RM 1030
Rubin and DSA-2000: A winning synergy to unveil populations of elusive transients - Igor Andreoni(slides)
Constrainting the long-living supramassive neutron stars by magnetar boosted kilonovae - Hao Wang(slides)
Shock Breakout in Dense Circumstellar Material - Annastasia Haynie(slides)
The Millimeter Transient Sky - Emily Biermann(slides)
Transient and Variable Signatures of Technology - Joseph Lazio(slides)
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 3C: General Relativity, Black Holes (Chair: Nico Yunes)RM 1040
PG 1553+113: the case for a super-massive black hole binary - Pablo Penil(slides)
Emission properties of supermassive black hole binaries heading for merger - Chi-Ho Chan(slides)
Possible evidence for Lorentz Invariance Violation in GRB 221009A - Justin Finke(slides)
The Diversity of Gravitational-Wave Transients - Zoheyr Doctor(slides)
12:40 - 2 PMLunchAtrium/Lobby
2- 3:30 PMPlenary Session 4: (Chair: Nico Yunes)Auditorium-RM 1122
Gamma-ray shocks -- opening a new window on novae - Jennifer Sokoloski(slides)
Accretion disk instabilities in compact binaries - Liliana Rivera Sandoval
The Landscape of Relativistic Stellar Explosions - Anna Ho(slides)
3:30 - 4 PMBreakAtrium/Lobby
4 - 6:00 PMParallel Session 4A: Infrastructure Software (Chair: Gautham Narayan)Auditorium-RM 1122
TransiNet for LSST: Two Implementations of Deep Transient Detection, towards Higher Completeness in the Unseen Domain - Nima Sedaghat(slides)
Pipeline for the systematic search of transients using ACT data - Yaqiong Li(slides)
Transient Classifiers for Fink: glimpses from the ELAsTICC data challenge - Andre Santos(slides)
BayeSN_ Scalable Hierarchical Modelling of Type Ia Supernovae - Matthew Grayling(slides)
Bright transient identification with machine learning for the Zwicky Transient Facility - Nabeel Rehemtulla(slides)
Collapsars present: zoo of transients - Ore Gottlieb
4 - 6:00 PMParallel Session 4B: Nearby Universe (Chair: Paul Ricker)RM 1030
Fermi-LAT and Swift-XRT observations of Nova Her 2021 - Tekeba Olbemo(slides)
Probing Type la Supernova Progenitors and Local Dust Environments Using Light Echoes - Charlotte Wood(slides)
RR Lyrae Stars as Calibrators of the Local Distance Scale - David Nataf(slides)
Asteroid Measurements at Millimeter Wavelengths with the South Pole Telescope - Paul Chichura(slides)
Luminous Red Novae - Probes of Common Envelope Evolution in Massive Binaries - Viraj Karambelkar(slides)
The Historic Light Curve of Eta Car's Great Eruption from its Light Echoes - Armin Rest(slides)
4 - 6:00 PMParallel Session 4C: Tidal Disruption Events (Chair: Colin Burke)RM 1040
tdescore: An accurate photometric classifier for TDEs - Robert Stein(slides)
Late-time X-ray Rebrightening vs. Early Double-peaked Balmer Emission: Investigating Disk Formation in the TDE AT2020nov - Nicholas Earl(slides)
Searching for radio counterparts to Tidal Disruption Events (TDEs) using multi-epoch ASKAP RACS data - Akash Anumarlapudi(slides)
A fast-rising tidal disruption event from an intermediate mass black hole - Charlotte Angus(slides)
Transient Signatures of Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Accretion from Tidal Disruption Events - Fulya Kiroglu(slides)
Quasi-Periodic Eruptions from Galactic Nuclei - Muryel Guolo(slides)
6:30 PMConference DinnerCampus Instructional Facility

Thursday, June 22, 2023

9:00 - 10:30 AMPlenary Session 5: (Chair: Felipe Menanteau)Auditorium-RM 1122
Gravitational Wave Cosmology - Tyson Littenberg(slides)
Black Hole Demographics from Extragalactic Transient and Variable Phenomena - Vivienne Baldassare(slides)
10:30 - 11 AMBreakAtrium/Lobby
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 5A: Supernovae IV (Chair: Gautham Narayan)Auditorium-RM 1122
Flight of the Bumblebee: the early excess of SN 2023bee in UV and TESS - Qinan Wang(slides)
Late-Time Radio Observations of Supernovae_ Probing Progenitors, Outflows, and Environments - Tarraneh Eftekhari(slides)
The Local Type la Supernovae Rate and Luminosity Function in ASAS-SN - Dhvanil Desai(slides)
Finding the Next Kilonova - David Coulter
Hydrogen rich luminous supernovae: looking into the unexplored regime - Subhash Bose(slides)
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 5B: GRBs (Chair: Colin Burke)RM 1030
Piecing together the long gamma-ray burst's progenitor puzzle - Manisha Shrestha(slides)
Flux Limits from a Targeted Search for Extragalactic Transients with the Atacama Cosmology Telescope - Carlos Hervias-Caimapo(slides)
A search for short-duration extragalactic millimeter-wave transients with SPT-3G - Sam Guns(slides)
GRBs and the ISM - Andrew Blain(slides)
A Transient UV Source at the Location of AT 2018cow Years Post-Explosion- Yuyang Chen(slides)
11 AM - 12:40 PMParallel Session 5C: AGN (Chair: Yue Shen)RM 1040
Correlation between emission-line luminosity and gamma-ray dominance in the blazar 3C279 - Markus Boettcher(slides)
Long duration transients with SPT-3G - Kedar Phadke(slides)
Studying multi-wavelength properties of gamma-ray flaring blazars at redshift > 3 - Andrea Gokus(slides)
Simultaneous Millimeter-wave, Gamma-ray, and Optical Monitoring of the Blazar PKS 2326-502 During a Flaring State - John Hood(slides)
Modeling the Reverberation Response of the Broad Line Region in Active Galactic Nuclei - Sara Rosborough(slides)
12:40 - 2 PMLunchAtrium/Lobby
2- 3:40 PMParallel Session 6A: Supernovae V (Chair: Alex Gagliano)Auditorium-RM 1122
SN 2022ann: A type Icn supernova from a dwarf galaxy that reveals helium in its circumstellar environment - Kyle Davis(slides)
Using X-Shooter to reveal the explosion, progenitor, and host of a very nearby superluminous Type lln supernova - Sean Brennan(slides)
Photometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of SN~2022oqm: Closing The Gap Between SNe-lax and Ic-like Calcium-Rich Transients - Karthik Yadavalli(slides)
The End of Impostor Syndrome: JWST observations of SN 1997bs - Sumit Sarbadhicary(slides)
An Asymmetric SN la with a Surviving Companion: Characterizing The Unique Nebular Emission in SN 2020hvf - Matthew Siebert(slides)
2- 3:40 PMParallel Session 6B: Stars (Chair: Kedar Phadke)RM 1030
White Dwarfs Binaries across the H-R Diagram - Borja Anguiano(slides)
Flaring Stars From 4 Years of the SPT-3G Transient Survey - Chris Tandoi(slides)
A Search for Millimeter-wave Transient Sources in the Galactic Plane with SPT-3G - Yujie Wan(slides)
SCOVaS: Survey for Compact Objects and Variables Stars - Manuel Pichardo Marcano(slides)
Exploring Small-Scale Brightness Variations in Nova Vulpeculae 2021 with TESS - Kirill Sokolovsky(slides)
2- 3:40 PMParallel Session 6C: FRB (Chair: Felipe Menanteau)RM 1040
Limits on Simultaneous and Delayed Optical Emission from Well-Localized Fast Radio Burts - Daichi Hiramatsu(slides)
Unveiling a Hyperactive FRB in a Dust-obscured Environment with Star Formation - Yuxin Dong(slides)
A Census of Fast Radio Burst Host Galaxies and Implications for the Progenitor(s) - Alexa Gordon(slides)
Multi-wavelength observations of fast radio bursts - Charlie Kilpatrick(slides)
3:40 - 4 PMBreakAtrium/Lobby
4 - 5:00 PMPlenary Session 6: (Chair: Felipe Menanteau)Auditorium-RM 1122
Conclusion - Joaquin Vieira
5:00 PM End of Conference