Schedule 2019

DateTopicLinksInstructor; ScribeMP
1Mon, Jan 14Overview, linear algebra tour, regression, k-means clusteringcode
slides (pdf)
Sayan & KatieProject ideas document (pdf)
2Wed, Jan 16BackgroundRighthook, ROS;
slides (pdf)
Ted and Pulkit; DavidMP0
3Mon, Jan 21MLK Day
4Wed, Jan 23Project discussionSayan & Katie
5Mon, Jan 28Vision I: Filtering, convolution, gradients, edge detectioncode
slides (pdf)
SayanMP1 released
6Wed, Jan 30No class; -11F
7Mon, Feb 4Neural networks IFundamentals
slides (pdf)
8Wed, Feb 6Neural networks IIDeep Learning
slides (pdf)
KatieMP1 deadline
9Mon, Feb 11Tutorial PyTorchtutorial code
TedMP2 released
10Wed, Feb 13Vision II: Recognition Bag of visual words, clustering, K-NN
slides (pdf)
11Mon, Feb 18Classification: Support Vector MachinesKernel trick
slides (pdf)
scribed notes (pdf)
Sayan; Shengkun
12Wed, Feb 20Localization, Filtering Bayes, Histogram, Particle filters, Grid and Monte Carlo localization
slides (pdf)
13Mon, Feb 25SLAM; FastSLAM with PFFactoring posterior probabilities; Rao-Blackwellization slides (pdf) Sayan
14Wed, Feb 27Midterm I Review review slides (pdf) KatieMP2 deadline; MP3 release
Mon, Mar 4Midterm 1
15Wed, Mar 6Decision Making I slides (pdf) Katie
16Mon, Mar 11Decision Making II slides (pdf) Katie
17Wed, Mar 13Reinforcement Learning slides (pdf) KatieMP3 Due
MP4 release
Mon, Mar 18Spring Break
Wed, Mar 20Spring Break
18Mon, Mar 25Control IDynamical systems slides (.pdf)Sayan
19Wed, Mar 27Control IILinear systems, discrete abstractions, stability definitions slides (.pdf)SayanMP4 Due (Friday)
20Mon, Apr 1Lyapunov method and hybrid systemsSwitching, Zeno, stability, definitions slides (.pdf)Sayan
21Wed, Apr 3Planning PRMs, RRTs
slides (.pdf)
KatieMP5 release
22Mon, Apr 8Planning and control tutorialRRT tutorial, vehicle controller, code organization slides (.pdf)Pulkit
23Wed, Apr 10Safety/VerificationDiscrete models, invariance verification slides (.pdf)Sayan & Chuchu
24Mon, Apr 15Safety/VerificationCTL, CTL verification slides (.pdf)Sayan & Chuchu
25Wed, Apr 17Safety/VerificationTimed and hybrid model slides (.pdf)Sayan & ChuchuMP5 Due
26Mon, Apr 22Probabilistic reasoning and programmingGuest lecture by Sasa M.
27Wed, Apr 24Mid term 2 (Final)
28Mon, Apr 29Internal project review
29Wed, May 1Project presentation/ competition