Projects 2019

In class rehearsal schedule for Monday 4/29

  1. Group: RoadKiller, Members: Zhongyi (zshen15), Lingzhi (lchu3), Title: Reinforcement learning for following the curve and avoiding collision
  2. Group: JK Roslings, Members: arasteh2, jchoi143, Title (tentative): Automated delivery
  3. Group:Mapping Mosquito, Members: James (Keiller2), Vedhus (hoskere2), Title: Adaptive path routing for UAV-based rapid post-earthquake inspections
  4. Group: BB, Members: Sathwik  (sathwik2),Bum Jun (bkim102), Title: Path planning with dynamic agents for autonomous aerial systems 
  5. Group: Platooning Penguins, Members: George (gunter1), David (null2), Title: Multi-agent platooning
  6. Group: Big Baller Brand, Members: Sharan (arkalgu2), Andrew (betbadl2), Title: Truck platooning and maintaining formations
  7. Group: Control Freak, Members: Jingyang (jliu128), zhenyi (ztang11), Title (tentative): Lane detection over changing weather conditions
  8. Group: CollidingClippers, Members:Issac (ibi2), Hasan (aamirh2), Title: Advanced lane detection

  9. Group: Tailgaters, Members: Mike (meschau2), Qichao (qgao10), Shuijing (sliu105), Title: Combining Camera and Lidar Sensors to Improve Lane Detection
  10. Group: Global Crossroads, Members: Mark  (mscraft2), Kushagra (ktiwary2), Title: V2V Lidar data communication in occluded environments
  11. Group: Collidescope, Members: malli2, lerb2, Title (tentative): Emergency scenarios and switched systems

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