Fall 2020 Projects

The class project will be a semester-long group activity that will  advance the state of the art in an autonomous system. The platform we will provide is the Polaris GEM electric vehicle from AutonomousStuff. The vehicle is outfitted with  camera, LIDAR, RADAR, IMU, GPS, and drive-by-wire system. We have built several research-prototype software modules on this vehicle for pedestrian detection, lane tracking, and vehicle control for lane following. You will have access to all this software. You will also have access to an indoor testing facility with indoor positioning system.

You should read more about the system from this manuscript:

Online monitoring for safe pedestrian-vehicle interactions, by Peter DuZhe HuangTianqi LiuKe XuQichao GaoHussein SibaiKatherine Driggs-CampbellSayan Mitra, 2019.

The goal of your project will be to improve the overall system or one of the modules with respect to performance and safety. In more detail,

  • Replace an existing module/algorithm with one that maintains the same input/output specifications. Experiments and analysis should then be conducted to show improved performance and safety.
  • Add an existing algorithm or capability to the existing system. Experiments should then be conducted to show improved safety and  capability.
  • Replace one or more existing module such that aggregate input/output specifications are maintained. Experiments and analysis should then be conducted to show maintained end-to-end performance, and improved safety.

Details about timelines and milestones:

  • Safety training: First week of Feb
  • Project overview and ides: Week 3 (.pdf)
  • Project pitch presentations and discussions (template .pptx)
  • Public demo/poster session: Last 2 weeks

Summary of awesome projects from Spring 2020!

Detailed presentations recordings are available here: