Mini Projects – Fall 2022

Project Presentation Videos

Highest order bits

  • You will do the mini-project with your group. Group self-sign-up (link)
  • The major activities on the project will be starting in the Mid October
  • There are two broad options for you as introduced below

What you should do now

  • Discuss with your group.
    • What are you most excited about?
    • What skills and constraints do you bring to the table?
    • What would you like to have accomplished by the end of the semester?
    • Do you envision continuing this work beyond this class?
  •  Accordingly, which track you would like to follow?

Pitch Presentation

  • 10% of your project grade
  • Due on October 25 (during lecture time).
  • The presentation should be around 6 minutes
  • Here is a template for your presentation
  • Upload your pitch presentation (link)

GEM (Hardware) Track


Our GEM vehicle has several software modules for autonomous waypoint following, LIDAR, camera, etc. Build on existing software and implement the final project following the guidelines (link) and live demo at Highbay at the end of the semester. Some of the design features are – Reliable parallel parking, lane-following control, safety evaluation of lane-following control,  pedestrian avoidance, and stopping at the stop sign (while the car is driving). Please carefully read and get familiar with GEM vehicle resources. Template code (link).


  • Few people in your team should have a valid driver’s licenses
  • Highly recommended that your team has a car (you will have to get to the highbay often—201 St. Mary’s street, Champaign)

First steps.

Get lab DRS Laboratory Safety Training and DRS Fire Extinguisher Training from here. Generate the training certificates and send it to our head TA ( More in-person trainings for the highbay will be necessary.

GRAIC (Simulation) Track

GRAIC is an open international autonomous racing competition to be held by the end of this semester(exact date to be announced). Your team will compete in this race and have to develop the software for autonomous racing in the environment with pedestrians, complex tracks, and other vehicles. Perception is not going to be a big part of the competition, but if you like, you can create your own version of the race and develop the perception pipeline.

First steps.

  • Familiarize yourself with the GRAIC simulator and software.
  • Sign-up on their mailing list

See some examples of projects from previous years.

Spring 2020, Fall 2020 projects

Grade breakdown

The team project is worth  20% of your grade. The breakdown of the grades is below. For the project pitches and the final presentations, asynchronous students must send a recording of their presentation to the course staff the day before.


In class, you’ll be giving a high-level pitch of what you would like to focus on for your project. You will primarily be graded on effort and timing.


One page report to update course staff on the progression of your project. Guidelines and rubric can be found here.


In the last full week of class, you will be giving a 10 minute presentation + 2 min Q&A on what you’ve accomplished. Note that given the timing constraint, we will cut you off if you exceed 10 minutes. You will be graded by the instructors.

ECE484 Fall 2022 Presentation Guidelines
You are free to organize your presentation as you see fit, but you must provide a motivation and introduction to your project, a description of the overall system, methods you have used, and your results thus far.

You will be graded by the course staff on your (1) pitch / motivation; (2) clarity of the system description; (3) novelty of the method; (4) thoroughness of (proposed) analysis and results (if finished); and (5) presentation style. These items will be scored on a scale of 0-5, with the average being a 3. The maximum points you can accumulate is 25.


In place of a final, you will be submitting a written report outlining your project goals, methods, and evaluation of your efforts. IEEE Conference template can be found here.


In addition to your final report, you must submit a short video showing the results of your project. You will be graded on how well the video demonstrates your results (5%) and on video quality and professionalism (5%).