Policies 2019


Autonomy is safer with a partner. You will work in pairs for the class project and the MPs. On the first week of class, you will choose your partner.

Partnerships can fail. If this happens (for whatever reason), you, the solo member of the group, will still be responsible for the work.

Grading policy

  • Assignments 45% (in groups)
  • Midterm 1  15%
  • Midterm 2 (Final) 15%
  • Project 20% (in groups)
  • Participation 5%

Assignments (a.k.a MPs)

There will be 5-6 Machine Problems (MPs). Mostly coding, some analysis. You will implement lane detection filters, path planners, localization algorithms, and use latest tools for vehicle simulation and verification.

Each MP will have a submission deadline (usually 11:59 PM). For every hour of delay you will lose 4 points.


Midterm and in-class Final exams dates and details are posted here.


The class project is your opportunity to impress us. No rules only a few dates to keep in mind:

  • Jan 14 Project ideas posted here
  • Jan 23  Form your team and pitch your ideas to us in brief 1-1 meetings
  • Mar 25 Submit intermediate progress report
  • Apr 29  May 1 Present poster and demos to course staff and external judges
  • May 11 Submit final report(at least 8 pages) before 11:59PM.

Your project will be graded based on presentation, results, methodology.


This class will work only with your active participation. In addition to class participation, you can:

  • Write lecture notes for one lecture (not optional, use this template)
  • Improve our code, notebooks (optional)
  • Answer questions in Piazza