White Belt Testing & UI Con Demo

White Belt Testing Opportunities

Starting the week of February 5th, the last 10 minutes of class will be reserved for any new student who wishes to take a white belt test. The white belt test is a brief physical test followed by questions. If you are a new student who can comfortably demonstrate the first form, Chun Gi, and know the school rules and native Korean exercise counting, you are ready to take the white belt test. A uniform is then ordered for all new white belts. 

UI Con Taekwondo Demonstration – March 2nd and 3rd

Champaign-Urbana’s First Comic and Anime Convention hosted at the Illini Union on Saturday, March 2nd, and Sunday, March 3rd, has invited us to perform a Taekwondo demonstration. All belt levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Please note: Some preparation for the event will happen during scheduled classes, but there may also be additional times before the event to practice with music. Complete the interest form below to let us know if you want to participate:


Also, if you are interested in the demonstration, please register for UI-Con at https://www.ui-con.org/home. The event is free, but registration is required for all attendees and performers.