February 2014 Announcements


White Belt Test Opportunities in March

Also, for those new students that are interested in taking the white belt test please either email or inform the instructor prior to class. The white belt test is a brief physical test that will take place at the end of a regularly scheduled class and be followed with questions. If you feel you comfortably know Chun Gi (first form), the school rules, and the Korean counting/terminology then you are ready to take the white belt test. You can find the school rules, definition of TKD, aims to achieve, Korean counting and terminology on our website.

Our TKD club instructors will be having white belt test opportunities on the upcoming Saturday class. If you are unable to attend on Saturdays there will also be opportunities on at the end of class next week. After new students pass the white belt test they have the opportunity to purchase a uniform for $18.

Arriving Late to Class:

This is just a friendly reminder to in case you arrive late to Tae Kwon Do class to perform the late warm-up sequence and then bow in and join the class. The late warm-up sequence is 50 jumping jacks, 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups and 50 leg lifts. If it is significantly late (passed the super set) please do any additional stretching and then bow in and join the class.

As announced in class there will be two Tae Kwon Do events during the weekend of March 8th that involve travel. If you are interested in attending either event you will need to sign-up in advance so that appropriate transportation can be arranged.

First, there is this year’s Black Belt Evaluation on the east coast. Assistant Instructor Zach Duray will be evaluating so any additional TKD @ UIUCers that would like to go for support are more than welcome. Click here to sign-up for the black belt evaluation.

Second, our club has been invited to participate in Indiana University Don Burns Tae Kwon Do tournament. The tournament will start out with forms competitions: lower ranks progressing to higher ranks. After the forms, we will move onto the sparring competition in the came manner. Click here to sign-up for the IU Tournament.

Those signed up to attend black belt eval (4): Zach, Ben, Olivia and myself
Those signed up to attend TKD tournament (4): Zequan Wang, Jonathan, Matt and Kevin Dinh

Below is information about this year’s Black Belt Evaluations.
More info can be found at: http://damicotkd.org/events/

Black Belt Evaluation
Saturday, March 8, 2014
10:00am-5:10pm +dinner

Location: Costas Tang Soo Do Karate
370 Nash Road
New Bedford, MA 02746
(508) 979-8111

10:00AM-12:00PM Class
12:00PM-3:30PM Evaluations
3:30PM-3:45PM Break for picture, have something to drink/eat
that people can bring and change into clothes
3:45PM-5:10PM Master Instructors Presentations
3:45PM-4:30PM Instructorship as a Married Couple
4:30PM-4:50PM Martial Arts and Married Life
4:50PM-5:10PM Reflections on Instructorship and Closing
5:10PM-6:30PM Break to go to Hotels (wash and prepare for dinner)
Discussion of the evaluations amongst the Master
Instructors before meeting students for dinner.
6:45 PM Dinner at Old Country Buffet
A time for celebration and also for instructors to
speak with those who evaluated 1st followed by any
other Master Instructor who wishes to provide
thoughts for reflection

Below is information about the IU Tae Kwon Do Tournament

Date: Saturday, March 8th
Location: Wildermuth Intramural Center courts 4, 5, 9, and 10
Open Registration time: 11:00 AM – 5:00PM
Start time: 12:00 PM
Costs: Forms – $10, Sparring – $10

The tournament will start out with forms competitions: lower ranks progressing to higher ranks. After the forms, we will move onto the sparring competition in the same manner. As with previous tournaments I do have plenty of extra helmets, chest protectors, arm/shin guards available so students would not be required to purchase their own equipment.
Must haves for sparring: helmet, chest protector, arm guards, shin guards, mouth guards, cups (for the men). Then event will wrap up with the medals ceremony.

I encourage anyone attending either event to sign-up sooner rather than later as it helps with arranging travel, etc.