Club Officers

President: Luke Stillman

Vice President: Rui Mao

3rd Year Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering

“I appreciate that our university has this traditional ITF-style Taekwondo club, and I can learn and then give back. We have great instructors and solid training, which could be a double-edged sword. Not many students can insist on; however, their bodies and minds would be refined if they do. That’s why this style can be practical in real fighting, and that’s why we love Taekwondo.”

Treasurer: Danielle Yingst

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

“I started practicing taekwondo the same semester I started college, and it was one of the best choices I could have made. It provides a thrilling challenge, both mentally and physically, and facilitates personal development which translates well in daily life. Seeing the camaraderie and dedication among the other members is always an added bonus and a great source of inspiration.”

Social Chair: Samantha Solis

Communication Chair: Samantha Williams

Primary Instructor: Candice Solomon-Strutz

Assistant Instructor(s): Zach Duray and Kirsten Landers