Senior Send-Off and Virtual TKD Classes Continuing

Traditionally in the spring term, we get to celebrate any graduating seniors from our club with a group dinner. If you are graduating or want to send some good wishes to graduates please complete the survey at by May 5th.

Thank you to those that have provided feedback regarding the availability of virtual TKD classes during the pandemic. TKD classes will continue during Finals Week and into the summer session.
At this time, the training sessions will remain on Monday/Wednesday at 6 pm CST and Saturdays at 12 pm CST. The Zoom connection is available on the closed Facebook group and or you can email me if you have any questions or concerns.
Here’s to a successful last week of classes!

Candice Solomon-Strutz

TKD Contemplation – Spread Compassion

During tonight’s contemplation (4/01/20) we shared about compassion both how we practice compassion with ourselves and spread this compassion with others. Think about how we practice compassion in our martial arts training. We often discuss how the aims to achieve apply outside of our martial arts training. How are you continuing to share compassion with others despite the social distancing?