September Social Event & White Belt Testing Opportunities

High-Belt Class and Demo Team Practice on Sundays
Starting on Sunday, September 15th high-belt class for green belts and higher will begin. High-belt class is an informal 1-hour class from 11 am – 12 pm for higher belts to focus on advanced techniques. Unlike regular class, the high-belt class takes place in an available multi-purpose room in the ARC instead of the Combat Room. Later in the fall term, some of the Sundays will be used for any students interested in participating in demonstrations throughout the year.
TKD Social Event Saturday, September 21st
Vote on your preferred activity for our upcoming September social event on the facebook poll:

Hope several of you will be able to attend.

White Belt Testing Opportunities
Starting the week of Septemeber 23rd the last 10 minutes of class for any new student that wishes to take a white belt test. The white belt test is a brief physical test that will take place at the end of a regularly scheduled class and be followed with questions. If you feel you comfortably know Chun Gi (first form), the school rules, and the Korean counting/terminology then you are ready to take the white belt test. You can find the school rules, the definition of Taekwondo, aims to achieve, Korean exercise counting and terminology on our website After new students pass the white belt test they have the opportunity to purchase a uniform for $18.
Finally, the Midwest Open Taekwondo Championships is November 23rd (first day of Fall Break) in Decatur, IL. Visit the website for more details and RSVP on the facebook event if interested in attending.