February 2017 Announcments


First, congratulations to our newest white belts Gary Guan, Jim Choi and Becky Arriola! There will be additional white belt testing opportunities for the remainder of the month.
IU Tournament Saturday, March 4th
Thank you to those that indicated their interest in attending the upcoming tournament at Indiana University (Instructor Ruiz, Olivia, Oleksiy, and Kirsten). I will be available this Friday afternoon in the Combat Room for additional training and preparation for the tournament. If anyone else is planning on attending let me know as soon as possible so that you can be included on the travel arrangements email message.
Spring 2017 Apparel
Feel free to comment some suggestions for apparel for this term on the facebook group. Any suggested colors, text, layouts, etc. are welcome and encouraged. Tentative Prices: t-shirt $11, long-sleeve shirts $13, hooded sweatshirt $25. Below is an example of simple design:


As announced in class there will be a few upcoming Tae Kwon Do events. If you are interested in attending the March events that involve travel, you will need to sign-up in advance so that appropriate transportation can be arranged.

First, thanks to those that voted on the facebook poll. We will go out to eat on Green Street as a club this Saturday (February 4th) after class to welcome several of the new students. The specific eating establishment will be chosen on Saturday. 

Also, our club has been invited to participate in Indiana University Don Burns Tae Kwon Do tournament on Saturday, March 4th. The tournament will start out with forms competitions: lower ranks progressing to higher ranks. After the forms, we will move onto the sparring competition in the same manner. Click here to sign-up for the IU Tournament.

Finally, this year’s black belt evaluation on the east coast is Saturday, March 18th. Senior belt Zlata Gvozdenoz will be evaluating so any additional TKD @ UIUCers that would like to go for support are more than welcome. Email me if you would like to attend and I can share our travel arrangements. More info can be found at http://damicotkd.org/events/

Look forward to seeing several of you in TKD class tonight!