July 2014 Announcements

[July 30, 2014]

Below is our Fall 2014 TKD Training Schedule:

Mondays 6:00-7:30 pm
Wednesdays 5:30-7 pm
Saturdays 12-2 pm
Sundays (high belt class – green belts and higher) 11am – 12pm

All training sessions will be held in the ARC Combat Room.

Remaining TKD Summer II Saturday Classes:
As mentioned at Monday’s class I will be in Florida starting this Friday for a family vacation. As a result, some higher belts have volunteered to lead some TKD classes outside on Monday & Wednesday in my absence. However, there has not been a volunteer for the Saturday classes so I am cancelling TKD class for Saturday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 9th. The combat room is generally empty during Saturday mornings so if you are around do not hesitate to utilize the space.

TKD T-Shirt Fundraiser:
Also, thank you to those that are active our facebook group and already voted on a TKD club t-shirt design for the fall. It is not too late to cast your vote or make comments on the design (please do so online by August 15th). https://www.facebook.com/groups/2201143400/

The t-shirt price will be $12-15 since the apparel order will also function as a fundraiser for the club. Below is the leading design (for those TKDers that are not on facebook):

After I return from vacation I will send out a message about the post-summer training schedule, Quad Day and t-shirt orders.

[July 14, 2014]


It was extremely rainy today (7/14/2014) and with the sporadic thunderstorms predicted for the remainder of the evening TKD class tonight will not be held outside. At this time, it is no longer raining but the ground will not be dry enough to train outside.

I will still hold class inside from 6-7:30pm in the ARC Combat Room for anyone that has a campus rec summer membership and can enter the facility.


Candice Solomon-Strutz

[July 2, 2014]


Class Tonight 7/2/2014
As per usual, there will be TKD class tonight at 6PM outside in the usual spot (outside Law Building/corner of 4th & Peabody)

No TKD Practice Saturday/Attend Solomon-Strutz 4th BBQ:
Also, as annual tradition there will not be a TKD class held this weekend in observance of the holiday. So again no TKD class Saturday, July 5th at the ARC Combat Room. I will be hosting my annual July 4th holiday BBQ at my home. There will be plenty of food and fun! However, if you have a special dietary need I would recommend bringing a side dish or dessert.