TKD Dec 2012 Announcements

Goodbye Dinner this Saturday:
Everyone is welcome to join us Saturday evening at Za’s on Green Street for a goodbye dinner. We plan to meet at 7pm to wish Kim Hoopes well in her new endeavors as she will be moving out of state within the week. So if you need a break from studying and don’t have a final this Saturday evening please stop by and get some food.

TKD classes during Finals Week:
There will be TKD classes this week on the same Saturday at noon, Monday at 7pm and Wednesday at 5:30pm and location (ARC Combat Room). Also, there will NOT be high belt class on Sundays during Finals week and winter break. High belt classes on Sundays will resume during the Spring 2013 semester.

TKD classes during Winter Break:
There will not be TKD classes from December 24th – January 1st. TKD classes will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd at CRCE. The ARC reopens on Saturday, January 5th so at that time classes will move back to the Combat Room. Please email me if you will be around during Winter Break for TKD training and we can coordinate times, etc.

Spring 2013 TKD class schedule:
Mondays 5:30pm-7pm, Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7pm and Saturdays noon – 2pm in the ARC Combat Room

Good luck with Finals!

Belt Test and Potluck – Saturday, December 8th
The end of the semester belt test is scheduled for this Saturday, December 8th from 9:30am – 2pm and later that evening a potluck so you will have several opportunities to get your fill of Tae Kwon Do next weekend. Warm ups start promptly at 9:30AM! In turn, I recommend showing up 15-20 minutes early to ensure you are there on time as we have to be done by 2pm. If you plan on testing you must be at the warm-ups, in turn higher belts you might want to bring a small snack (banana, energy bar or sports drink) to keep your energy up while waiting for your test to begin. The ARC opens at 9AM on Saturday so I wouldn’t recommend showing up any earlier than 9am but please set your alarm clocks if you are not an early riser!

Also, if you are not testing please still wear your uniform since you can definitely help out during the test by holding targets, free-sparring, taking pictures and encouraging your fellow club members. Also, I would like to take an updated club picture for the website right before the test so try to be on time. Afterward, there will be a traditional potluck at my in Savoy, IL begins as early as 5pm 🙂

Belt Test Schedule

    • • 9:30am – 10:00am warm-ups and basic foot / hand techniques (lead by high green belt testing for blue)


    • • 10:00am – 11:15pm white – yellow, yellow – green


    • • 11:15pm – 12:30pm green – high green, high green to blue


    • 12:30 – 2:00pm higher belts testing for high blue and red

The belt testing fee is $10 and this can be paid in cash or check on the day of the test. The fee covers boards, belts and other testing items. If you are re-attempting for the same belt level there is no fee required.

Other Items:
Everyone that is testing should review the rules sheet with the Korean terminology (click here for rules sheet) and have a favorite technique prepared. You should be able to demonstrate your favorite technique on both sides. If you are testing for Blue Belt level or Red Belt level you need to email me a short essay about “What Blue Belt / Red Belt Means To You” prior to the test.