December 2013 Announcements


I hope Finals Week is treating everyone well. We will continue TKD classes tonight and Wednesday during Finals week. Below is the upcoming TKD schedule:

NO TKD class from Saturday, December 21st – Wednesday, January 1st.

During Winter Break (December 21st – Monday, January 20th):

Monday 5:30-7PM
Wednesday 5:30-7PM
Saturday 12-2PM

Note: The ARC facility is closed until January 11th. So TKD classes on Jan 4th – Jan 10th will be held at CRCE in an available multipurpose room or the MAC open indoor soccer area.
Once the ARC facility re-opens the classes will be held in the Combat Room.

Spring 2014

Mondays 6-7:30PM
Wednesdays 5:30-7PM
Saturdays 12-2PM

Good luck with the remainder of your Finals and Happy Holidays,

Candice Solomon-Strutz