New Student Information

Tae Kwon Do at UIUC is a traditional-style Tae Kwon Do club, emphasizing the development of both the mind and body together. A typical class starts with 25 minutes of warm-ups, consisting of jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, stretching, and other exercises.  For the remainder of the class we practice kicking and blocking techniques, forms, pre-arranged sparring, and usually finish with free-sparring.

This semester’s first class for new students will be on Wednesday, January 31st at 7:00pm. However, even if you miss the first class, you are still welcome to join us at any time; please feel free to come to any regularly scheduled class.  Wear comfortable work out clothes (sweats, t-shirts, etc.) and come with a desire to try. Remember beginners are welcome at any time and feel free to bring a friend.

All classes are currently in the ARC. Check here for the current class schedule and location. To progress, you will need to be able to attend at least two classes each week. 

The classes are free! After you pass a white belt test, you will be able to get a uniform, which costs about $18. Also, each semester we have tests for the next level. We typically charge $10 for a test to cover the cost of the materials for the test (yes, you get to break boards) and the new belts.

If you have previous experience, we ask that you attend the first class in either comfortable work-out clothes, or a uniform with a white belt.  For those martial artists who have obtained the black belt level, you may wear your black belt if you feel it appropriate.  We will attempt to place those students with experience into the proper level for our club. Feel free to contact or the primary instructor if you have any questions.