Useful Links

Videos of the ITF forms
Step-Sparring (3 steps and 1 steps)
Video of 3-step and 1-step sparring
General Choi’s Encyclopedia (step-by-step) instructions of all ITF Forms

Affiliated Clubs

Master D’Amico’s Clubs
Instructor: Master Anthony D’Amico

Choi Tae Kwon Do – Madison, Wisconsin
Instructors: Master Jack Nitschke, Master Carmen Alonso

Tae Kwon Do – Austin, Texas
Instructor: Greg Muthler

University of Pennsylvannia Tae Kwon Do Club – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Instructor: Master Felice Macera

West Seattle Tae Kwon Do Club – West Seattle, Washington
Instructor: Master Darin Smith

Grand Master Ye Bong Choi’s Tae Kwon Do – New Brunswick, New Jersey
Instructor: Grand Master Ye Bong Choi