October 2016 Announcements

As announced after our last class, there will be two TKD Belt Testing dates this fall term!

The first date is Sunday, November 13th – This date is reserved for those students testing for white – yellow, yellow – green and green – high green. The next date is Saturday, December 3rd  – This date is reserved for those students testing for blue belt or higher. Also, as tradition, I will host a potluck dinner after each belt test for the club to socialize.

Please review the techniques for each belt rank that will be evaluated during the test on the club website: http://publish.illinois.edu/tkd-illinois/belt-ranks/. Also, everyone that is testing should review the school rules with the Korean terminology (click here for rules sheet) and have a favorite technique prepared.

I will provide more details about the belt tests (starting/ending times, board breaks, etc.) in the upcoming weeks but at this time please save these dates on your calendar.

Also, we have been invited again to the Purdue hosted Taekwondo tournament. If you are interested in participating let me know by signing up using the facebook event. There will be a form to complete so that they can design brackets, (preferably before October 21st). In addition, travel arrangments would need to be determined.

Event Details
Time: Starts at 11am on October 29th in the feature gym.
Events: free sparring ($15) and forms ($10) ($20 for both).

Good luck with midterm exams and stay healthy!