Saturday In Person Practices Guidelines

For safety reasons and to accommodate those students that are remote this term, virtual TKD training sessions via Zoom will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 PM and Saturdays at 12 PM. On Saturdays, both a virtual and in-person class will be offered.

As announced last week, Campus Recreation has approved in-person class practices for Saturdays from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm. You will not swipe in the same way that you would to just exercise at the ARC as you are not to be counted in the overall capacity numbers. If you wish to stay and work out after practice, you will need to swipe back in at the swipe desk. For those on campus please see below for the procedures to follow when entering the facility for in-person training. 

  • All members need to have their Safer Illinois App out and ready to present to member services. 
  • Once at the POS4 station (First one on your left when entering the ARC. There is a standing sign that has an arrow pointing to the member services desk that reads “member service and community check-in.” That is where you will go.), you will need to tell them you are with the “International Tae Kwon Do Club at  Illinois”, show them your app, and they will make sure you are on the roster.
  • If you are not on the roster, you will NOT be allowed into practice. Thus, if you plan to attend in-person training sessions complete the conditions of participation and release waiver form online.
  • All members are required to wear a mask during the entire practice. You may take it off to get a drink of water, but the mask must be put right back on. Also, remember to bring a water bottle as the drinking fountains may not be fully operational. There will be staff walking around to make sure clubs are following the safety guidelines set by the university and the State of Illinois. If these guidelines aren’t followed, we will lose the remaining practices for the remainder of the semester.

Finally, the in-person class on Saturdays was approved for ARC, Gym 3 so we will be able to have more than 10 students training at a time which was the limit for the Combat Room space.

Congratulations Club Officers & Welcome New Students

We’ve had several new students join our virtual classes this week! Continue to spread the word about the club as we are welcoming to all that want to try. Speaking of which, be Proud of how hard you’re trying. 
We’ll continue with virtual classes via Zoom on M/W from 6 pm – 7:30 pm and Saturday at 12 pm until we hear additional guidance from Campus Recreation and Student Engagement. 
Congratulations also to our club officers: 
President – Anne Hogan, Vice President – Rui Mao, Treasurer – Danielle Yingst, Communications Chair – Michaela Hartigan, and Social Chair – Gouri Vinod! 
Finally, some students requested some stretching resources and tips for improving flexibility. I encourage those students to read and review Instructor Duray’s blog post regarding his flexibility journey and routine:

Student Run Virtual Quad Day – Sunday, Sept 6th 1-4PM

Quad Day is a one-of-a-kind UIUC tradition bringing together new and returning students from every college across campus to find new groups to join, discover new passions, and meet new friends. Check us out at the Student-Run Virtual Quad Day on Sunday, Sept 6th from 1 pm-4 pm. Join on Zoom
Student Run Virtual Quad Day RSO Master Doc
Also, if you want to see what other RSOs will be attending check out the listing: