August 2014 Announcements

[August 28, 2014]

T-Shirt Order Placed:
Thank you again for everyone that submitted a t-shirt order. The back design with the most votes was the aims to achieve written horizontally. As mentioned a couple extra t-shirts of each size were ordered (in case you were unable to submit your order). I will send out another email once the t-shirt order has arrived (within 5-7 days).

First Class for New Students:
A special thank you to all those that helped out and volunteered to collect names for Quad Day. There was plenty of interested new students. First class for new students will be Monday, September 8th at 6PM in the ARC Combat Room. Please spread the word to your friends and encourage them to come. Of course, beginners are always welcome to any of our TKD class sessions.

Additional TKD Teaching this Term for Assistant Instructors:
Due to an increased teaching load and various course conflicts I will not be able to attend Wednesday classes for a large portion of the term. Therefore, I will be leading class on Mondays, Instructor Happel will lead class on Wednesdays and Instructor Duray will lead class on Saturdays. I will still lead an informal high-belt class for green belts and up on Sundays at 11am. Also, during the term several higher belts will get the opportunity to assist will leading warm-ups and drills.

Looking forward to a wonderful semester of hard training, mental challenges and love,

Candice Solomon-Strutz

[August 21, 2014]
Quad Day is Sunday
Please make sure to visit the facebook group and sign-up for Quad Day slots. Quad Day is this Sunday, August 24th from 12pm – 4pm. There will be plenty of fliers to hand out to potential new students and you can answers questions about our awesome TKD club!

Please Order a T-Shirt before Friday, August 29th
Visit: ($14 with the extra proceeds going to the club account)

As suggested on facebook, I updated the design on the t-shirt back design with the aims to achieve vertically.

[August 11, 2014]

Post Summer Schedule (August 11, 2014 – August 23, 2014):
Monday, August 11th and Wednesday, August 13th classes will remain outside in the same location and time (6PM) as the Summer II session. Then beginning Saturday, August 16th we will resume to TKD classes in the Combat Room in the ARC and meet at the Fall 2014 days/times. According to Campus Rec students enrolled in fall classes should be able to enter the facility with their i-Card starting next week Sunday, August 17th.