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ANNOUNCEMENTS: University Librarian Note
Check back next month for a Note from Acting Dean Bill Mischo.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team Update
Tom Teper, Associate Dean for Collections and Technical Services

This message is intended for APs and supervisors of APs in the Library. If you are neither of those, you can disregard the rest of this message (unless you are just curious).

In March, I delivered a presentation (APPIT Presentation I) at the Faculty Meeting about the charge and progress of the Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team (APPIT). As you are all aware, the Library’s Executive Committee approved the implementation of a promotional framework for Academic Professionals. APPIT is the team charged with implementing the promotional framework. However, this implementation is not feasible without contributions from all of the Academic Professionals in the Library and, in some cases, their supervisors.

APPIT is charged with making initial assignments of rank for APs in the University Library. Clearly, this is a process that will benefit from the direct engagement of the individual academic professionals and, when appropriate, their supervisors. That engagement will take multiple forms, but, most critical to this process is the initial completion of a self-assessment and submission of an updated resume or CV by the individual APs and of position descriptions by supervisors. We are asking that this be done by April 15, 2017.

Once that information is submitted, APPIT will conduct an initial review and assignment of ranks (with anticipated distribution by May 30, 2017), consider any appeals to the initial assignment of ranks (by June 30, 2017), and finalize the rank assignments by July 15, 2017. After that, the Business and Human Resources Services Center will need to update appointments for the Notifications of Appointment to be issued for August 2017.

Self-Assessment and Resume Submission Form
The self-assessment will ask the Academic Professionals to reflect upon the four ranks outlined in the Final Report and Recommendations: Library Framework for Academic Professional Promotion (dated November 21, 2016). These four ranks are: Assistant, Associate, Senior-Associate, and Senior. A handy table of the ranks and criteria outlined is available in slide 7 (see APPIT Presentation I). We anticipate that most responses will be the equivalent of three pages in terms of total text. Submitted self-assessments and resumes will be used as the basis for the Implementation Team’s individual review. The form and questions are available at http://iisdev1.library.illinois.edu/APAssessment/.

Involvement of Supervisors of APs
After supervisors work with the AP to ensure that their position description is up to date, APPIT hopes to minimize the impact of this process on you. Right now, we anticipate that the primary role that supervisors will play in interacting with APPIT will be limited to cases where there is a disagreement in ranking between the AP’s self-assessment and the initial APPIT review. In such cases, APPIT may call upon supervisors to review the initial self-assessment and the initial APPIT ranking in light of that discrepancy.

Key Dates for APs and Supervisors in the Process

  • April 15, 2017: Submission of resumes, self-assessments, and position descriptions
  • May 30, 2017: Target date for distribution of initial review and rank assignments to all APs
  • June 30, 2017: Target date for completing consideration of any appeals to initial rank assignments
  • July 15, 2017: Target date for completing classification of all academic professionals
  • August 2017: NOAs reflecting new rank assignment released
  • September 30, 2017: APPIT submit to Executive Committee (EC) recommendations for next steps in implementing the AP Promotional Framework

Open Meetings for APs
APPIT is holding three open meetings for APs in March and April. The dates and locations are:

  • March 21: 10:30 – 12:00 (106 Main Lib)
  • March 29: 9:30 – 11:00 (323c Main Lib)
  • April 3rd: 2:30 – 4:00 (106 Main Lib)

Please feel free to contact me off list, look at the AP Promotion Implementation Team Website, or feel free to contact any other members of the AP Promotion Implementation Team:

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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team Meeting Minutes
The most recent meetings minutes of the APPIT are posted at http://www.library.illinois.edu/committee/workinggroups_subcommittees_taskforces_teams/ap_promotion_implementation_team.html.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Collection Development Committee Notes
The most recent meetings minutes of the CDC are posted at http://www.library.illinois.edu/administration/collections/groups/cdc.html.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Content Access Policy & Technology Meeting Minutes
This note reports on the February 23 CAPT meeting.

VuFind Recommender System

Jim Hahn provided a summary of his and the prototyping team’s work to develop a recommender system for the VuFind catalog search and discovery system. A significant part of the discussion was about possible changes to privacy policy to support the project. The CAPT committee would support changes so long as users have an opportunity for informed consent. This will need to be considered in light of Beth Namachchivaya’s work to update and better manage Library policies.

Work Group Reports

Kyle Rimkus provided a report on the recent activities of the Digital Production work group. Topics included:

  • The potential to expand Medusa services to other campuses in Illinois
  • The Distributed Museum
  • The Internet Archive scanning center’s move from Oak Street to the fourth floor of Main

Helenmary Sheridan provided a report on the recent activities of the Repositories, Preservation, and Access work group. Topics included:

  • The work group is beginning to explore options to redo the Dspace-based IDEALS institutional repository with technology based on the Medusa architecture
  • Illinois Data Bank is now supporting large file uploads
  • A discussion of how best to address the gaps created by Bill Ingram’s departure as the manager of the SCaRS team

Library Expertise Framework Committee

JoAnn Jacoby and Beth Namachchivaya lead a discussion about the proposed Library Expertise Framework work group. After the discussion it was decided that CAPT would charter the work group which would be tasked with developing three things:

  1. A thematic framework that encompasses the categories of expertise available in the Library
  2. An outline for an organization-wide workflow for recommending regular updates and changes to the database
  3. A name for the service that reflects the full range of uses and clearly describes the content

The timeframe for the work will be about three months.

Detailed meeting minutes and work group reports are located here:
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Recognizing Excellence

Please forward journal editorships or editorial board membership, elected and invited external service appointments, honors, and awards information to Dan Tracy.
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HR NEWS: Faculty and AP Searches
Below is a summary of current academic searches as of April 1, 2017 (click on graphic below to enlarge). A more comprehensive listing is sent via LibNews each month.

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HR NEWS: Academic Professional and Civil Service Employees

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HR NEWS: Supervisors of Academic Professionals and Civil Service Employees

  • Question and Answer sessions for completing Performance Evaluations and Position Descriptions will be available in Room 106 on –
    • April 20 at 3:00 pm
    • April 27 at 10:00 am

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HR NEWS: Civil Service Positions

  • Acquisitions – Library Specialist with Germanic Language requirement = offer made and accepted, background check in process, estimated start date April 17, 2017
  • CMS – 2 Library Specialist positions at 50% = posted, interviews are being scheduled

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HR NEWS: In Memoriam

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  • Drew Kenton, an IT Specialist with the Help Desk and Workstation & Network Support groups, left the Library on March 10, 2017, after 5 years of service. He is starting a new position with campus Facilities & Services where he supervises their IT User Services group.


  • Nick Ferraz de Oliveira, Marissa Mullenix, Alex Pate, and Matt Steele are four new academic hourly Content Specialists. They are members of the Web Team where they are assisting with the migration of content to our new WordPress CMS. We are excited to have this talented group of individuals assisting with web content migration.

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FACILITIES: Facility Project Updates
Please visit the Office of Library Facilities web page (http://www.library.illinois.edu/administration/facilities/) for project information
(under Facilities–>Project Information).
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Staff Events Calendar
To see the most up-to-date staff events calendar, please visit http://www.library.illinois.edu/calendar/staff/.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Pedometer Challenge
The Library and the Wellness Group are pleased to bring you the 2017 Library Pedometer Olympic Challenge!

Do you need an excuse to get moving after a long winter? Are you eager for a little friendly competition?

Starting Monday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 30th, you have the opportunity to get involved in the Annual Library Pedometer Challenge! This year we are walking to Olympic host cities with the most University of Illinois alumni medal winners.

For more information, rules, and procedures see http://guides.library.illinois.edu/c.php?g=642412.
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Tuesday, April 4  2-3 pm in 428 Main Library
The final event in the series shares about the importance of academic data, pulling from the paper “The Predictive Learning Analytics Revolution: Leveraging Learning Data For Student Success” as well as other EDUCAUSE resources.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Reference Retreat
The 2017 Reference Services Retreat will be on April 5th (Wednesday). All are welcome to participate – faculty, staff, academic professionals, graduate assistants, hourlies, and other academic staff. Please check with your departments and immediate supervisors about attending this event.

The Reference Management Team wants this event to be an inclusive one, where colleagues can interact and share fresh ideas, and participate in these discussions. We have an exciting program for you (see below).

You are welcome to attend all the sessions or pick the sessions you would like to attend. Please use the individual sessions below to register or register directly from the Staff Calendar: http://il.evanced.info/illinoisedu/lib/eventcalendar.asp?libnum=1
Note: please select April to view the list of sessions.

Date: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
Time: 8:20 am – 4:50 pm
Place: Heritage Room, ACES Library, Information, and Alumni Center (ACES LIAC)
1101 S. Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801
See: http://www.library.illinois.edu/funkaces/about/gettinghere.html

Our colleagues from the Siebel Center for Design will be participating (excellent suggestion from David Ward). Dean Bill Mischo and Associate University Librarian for Services JoAnn Jacoby are also scheduled to speak at this retreat.

Please let us know if you have any special needs. We welcome all learning styles.

Direct any questions or comments (off list) to the organizing team:
Joe Lenkart (lenkart@illinois.edu)
Sara Holder (sholder@illinois.edu)
Cara Bertram (cbertra@illinois.edu)
Ali Krogman (akrogma2@illinois.edu)

Morning Sessions

8:30 am – 8:50 am
Introduction: Joe Lenkart
Speaker: David Ward
Presentation Title: Beyond Satisfaction: Investigating Patron Use of Reference Information
Registration link

9:00 am – 9:50 am
Introduction and Discussion Prompt: Ali Krogman
Panel Discussion: Research and Service Collaborations
Panelists: Karen Hogenboom, Sara Holder, Bill Mischo, Carolyn Wisniewski, Ivan Favila
Registration link

10:00 – 10:20 am
Introduction: Joe Lenkart
Speaker: Kevin Hamilton with Anita Chan
Presentation Title: Siebel Center for Design and the University Library
Registration link

10:30 am – 11:20 am
Introduction and Discussion Prompt: Sara Holder
Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities: Perspectives from the Field
Panelists: Lucy Moynihan, David Morris, Erin Kerby, Kirsten Feist
Registration link

11:30 am – 11:50 am
Introduction: Ali Krogman
Speaker: Heidi Imker
Presentation Title: Supporting Campus Research Groups
Registration link


Afternoon Sessions

1:00 pm – 1:20 pm
Introduction: Joe Lenkart
Speaker: Jen-chien Yu
Presentation Title: Working with Reference Statistics Data
Registration link

1:30 pm – 1:55 pm
Introduction: Ali Krogman
Speaker: Tom Habing
Presentation Title: Consolidated Library Directory Database
Registration link

1:55 pm – 2:20 pm
Introduction: Sara Holder
Speakers: Ali Krogman, Beth Sheehan, Jim Hahn
Presentation Title: Research Consultation Scheduler Pilot Program
Registration link

2:30 pm – 2:50 pm
Introduction and Discussion Prompt: Ali Krogman
Discussion: WordPress Transition
Moderator: Bill Mischo
Registration link

3:00 pm – 3:50 pm
Introduction: Joe Lenkart
Moderated Discussion: Reference Training and Professional Development Opportunities
Moderators: Beth Sheehan, Melanie Emerson, Beth Woodard
Registration link

4:00 pm – 4: 20 pm
Introduction: Joe Lenkart
Speaker: JoAnn Jacoby
Presentation title: Reflections on the Continuing Evolution of Reference Services at Illinois
Registration link

4:30 pm – 4:40 pm: Concluding Remarks
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Creative Connections
Wednesday, April 5, noon to 1 pm, 106 Main Library, hosted by Rebecca McGuire
Thursday, April 20, noon to 1 pm, 106 Main Library, hosted by Megean Osuchowski

Going along with the theme from the retreat, “Connect, Communicate and Create,” Staff Development and Training is hosting a creative connections hour during the noon hour twice a month during the semester. Bring a leisure or relaxing activity or just yourself then connect and communicate with your colleagues while creating. We will also bring an activity that anyone could do. Please join us and be part of the fun!
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The Bloodmobile will be parked in the Main Library parking lot, west of the building on Thursday, April 6th from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Donating blood is a paid leave time activity but leave time should be arranged with your supervisor ahead of time, and should take into consideration needs of the unit as well as needs of the individual. Up to an hour of time can be approved as paid time, not charged to any employee benefit, if the time away from work can be mutually agreed upon by supervisor and employee.

Here is the link to the full policy:

Any questions regarding leave time should be directed to Greg Knott in the Business & Human Resources Service Center.

If you would like to donate blood, please sign up on the Staff Events Calendar
(http://www.library.illinois.edu/calendar/staff/). Or, schedule your appointment by emailing Zoe Revell at revell@illinois.edu.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Assess and Connect
The Library Assessment Committee (LAC) is hosting “Assess and Connect”, a Library-wide forum for those who are interested in all things about assessment in our Library. LAC invites all faculty, APs, Civil Service staff, graduate assistants and hourly employees to join us. At the forum, participants will learn about ongoing projects related to assessment, share your ideas for future projects, and learn from other colleagues who have conducted assessment projects in order to improve Library services.

“Assess and Connect” forum is scheduled for Tuesday, April 11 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm in 106 Main Library. Light refreshments will be provided.
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Thursday, April 13, 11 am – 1 pm, 106 Main Library
Opportunity to talk to committee members and chairs about the work of Library committees. The annual call for committee volunteers is typically due mid-May.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Office of Research Open House
Thursday, April 20, 10 am – 11:30 am

Curious about how the Library publishes digital journals and books? Want to know more about specialized Library research services such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), statistical consulting, data management plans, and the Illinois Experts researcher profiles service?

The Library’s Office of Research invites all interested Library staff and faculty to attend an open house session on Thursday, April 20 from 10:00 am – 11:30 am in the Scholarly Commons (306 Main Library).
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Preservation Week

During Preservation Week, April 23 – April 29, 2017, the Association for Library Collections & Technology Services (ALCTS), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), encourages libraries and other institutions to use Preservation Week to connect communities through events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

This year, Preservation Services will take a look at all of the activities supported by the University Library around the corner and around the world.

Please visit our Preservation Week webpage during the week to find out about free webinars, workshops, and other activities during the week.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Research and Publications Committee (RPC) Brown Bag
Monday, April 25, noon to 1 pm in 428 Main Library

  • Antonio Sotomayor
    Title: Empire, Sport, and Religion in Puerto Rico and Cuba’s YMCA, 1898-1930s
    Abstract: This presentation will address the intersection of sport, religion, and imperialism through the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) as an extension of United States expansion into Puerto Rico and Cuba after the Spanish American War of 1898. The YMCA’s emphasis on “muscular Christianity” and sports made it attractive to some locals who welcomed this feature of U.S. Americanization. The story of the YMCA in Puerto Rico and Cuba shows the ways in which YMCA leaders sought to bring Protestant progress to a Catholic “oppressed” people, while many locals welcomed a progressive institution of modern sports. My argument blurs the line between resistance and acculturation and sees the early development of sport in Puerto Rico and Cuba as a process of negotiations over power, identity, and culture. These negotiations resulted in the mass adoption of American sports, yet the overall denial of Protestantism, to legitimize a hegemonic relation.
  • Laila Hussein Moustafa
    Title: Field Research in Conflict Zones and the Need for International Partnership
    Abstract: While conflict is typically measured in terms of the level of human, monetary, or political destruction, it can also result in significant damage to and erasure of invaluable sources of information. I will explore how conflict influences scholars’ access to primary sources, and how current data limitations challenge us to think more rigorously about access to primary source materials more generally. We emphasize that scholars should endeavor to be transparent about the sources available to them, the nature of their access to them, and think more critically about how shifts in available information affect our work.

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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Copyright First Responders, An Expert Workshop on Fair Use for Librarians
April 25, 9 am to noon in 106 Main Library; 1:30-4:30 pm in 509 ACES
April 26, 9 am to noon in 106 Main Library; 1:30-4:30 pm in 509 ACES

This is a great learning opportunity, an opportunity for every participant to earn a $20 Espresso Royale Gift Card (after completing all study measures), and to help the Copyright Librarian with her research, too.

Come take a short pre-measurement of your copyright knowledge, and then learn from a copyright expert, Kyle Courtney from Harvard University as he and Sara Benson present an interactive workshop about fair use concepts. After the workshop, take a brief post-measurement to help solidify your learning. This workshop will help you to better understand your fair use copyright rights and to better respond to patron questions about their rights.

NOTE: Please bring a laptop or tablet with you to this workshop in order to complete the pre- and post-measurements. If you cannot bring a laptop, please sign up for one of the afternoon sessions, which will take place in a computer lab.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Supervisory Discussion: Performance Evaluation
Thursday, April 27, 10 – 11 am, 428 Main Library
Lisa Hinchliffe, Zoe Revell, and Beth Woodard will lead the discussion on performance evaluations.
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If you would like to submit content for the May issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to JoAnn JacobyBeth Sandore, or Tom Teper by Friday, April 21, 2017.