May 2023

As my time as Interim Dean draws to a close, I’d like to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to the Library community for your support and the impressive work we have pressed forward during the last five months.  It may be just me, but hasn’t this spring felt exceptionally busy—and buzzy with the hum of activity?  I hope you, too, have felt especially productive and proud of all the things we have accomplished over the past five months.  Together, our Library supports world-class research and instruction, and underlies the success of our students and faculty members.  

While every transition brings with it some uncertainty, I’ve been impressed by the sense of hope that we all feel, and the ways in which our community is coming together to welcome Dean Stewart and to build on our success as one of the leading academic libraries in the world.  My best wishes for a fruitful, yet hopefully slower-paced summer.

Chris Prom
Interim Dean of Libraries and University Librarian