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ANNOUNCEMENTS: University Librarian Note

CIC Library Directors Fall Meeting
Faithful readers will recall that I reported on the fall meeting of ARL directors in the November Library Office Notes. By all accounts, you all found that report scintillating, so I figured a similar report on the meeting of the CIC library directors would be appreciated. Read more…
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: RRSS Splits into Research and Information Services and the Scholarly Commons
As of January 1st, 2015, Reference, Research and Scholarly Services will split into two independent units: Research and Information Services and the Scholarly Commons.

The two units will continue to collaborate closely in a number of areas, including co-sponsorship of the Savvy Researcher Workshop series. The RIS will remain a part of the Office of User Services, while the Scholarly Commons will become a part of the Library’s Office of Research.

When the Scholarly Commons was first established in 2009, there was considerable benefit to being part of a larger unit with an encompassing vision to be a central gateway to the Library’s information and research services, supporting the development of research competencies through collaborative work with other scholarly support systems in the Library and on campus. This arrangement also allowed for individual responsibilities and positions to be gradually shifted toward new scholarly services as Scholarly Commons became established. The Scholarly Commons has now grown to the point where it can stand on its own and the scope and diversity of its service programs, which now include research data services, journal publishing, and robust GIS support, will benefit from closer alignment with the Office of Research.

Research and Information Services (RIS) will continue to provide leadership for the Information Desk and the Main/UGL Reference Hub, and coordinate Main Library tours and outreach programs for groups like the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. RIS will also continue to lead content development for second level webpages, including the LEARN pages, LibGuides, the Online Reference Collection, and the Reference Rolodex, that support research across the disciplines and participate in graduate-level instruction programs, including the Savvy Researcher series as well as the ESL 500-level classes for international graduate students taught in collaboration with Cindy Ingold.

Following Sarah Shreeves departure on January 5th for a position as Associate Dean for Digital Strategies at the University of Miami, interim leadership for the Scholarly Commons will be provided by Merinda Hensley, who continues in the Co-Coordinator role, and Karen Hogenboom, whose appointment as Co-Coordinator starts January 6, 2015.

With Sarah’s departure, we have made arrangements for coverage of key areas for which she has been responsible. In several cases we will have a small team of people behind the scenes, but there will be a single point person.

IDEALS – Karen Hogenboom will be the point person. However, *please* continue to use ideals-gen@illinois.edu to ask questions or make requests about IDEALS support and issues. This mailing list will be seen by a small group of people who will be covering various aspects of IDEALS. In addition to Karen, Ayla Stein, MJ Han, Bill Ingram, and Seth Robbins will be providing the support for IDEALS.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) – Merinda Hensley will be the point person. However, *please* continue to use ideals-gen@illinois.edu to ask questions or make requests about ETDs support and issues. This mailing list will be seen by a small group of people who will be covering various aspects of IDEALS. In addition to Merinda, Ayla Stein, MJ Han, Bill Ingram, and Seth Robbins will be providing the support for ETDs.

Scholarly Commons Coordinating – Karen Hogenboom will be stepping into the Scholarly Commons co-coordinator role alongside Merinda Hensley.

Copyright – Arrangements are being made for someone to be the Lead for Copyright as part of Scholarly Commons activities. An announcement will be made early in January. Please direct user questions about copyright to the sc@library.illinois.edu listserv where the Scholarly Commons will help to manage the questions coming through.

Scholarly Communications and Publishing – Merinda Hensley will continue to manage the Undergraduate Journal publishing program, and will also have responsibility for questions related to scholarly communications and open access services. The exception is the pending Open Access Policy that is coming through the Academic Senate; Beth Namchchivaya will manage any questions or issues that are related to this policy.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Awarded CLIR Grant
The Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Illinois has received a $498,942 Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). The grant will support the project Cataloging Cavagna: Italian Imprints from the Sixteenth through the Nineteenth Century. Read more…
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Office of Research Update
As the Library’s Administrative restructuring was finalized in the late fall, the Library’s Office of Research programs began to take shape. The Office of Research includes these units/ program areas:

Scholarly Commons (Merinda Hensley & Karen Hogenboom, co-Coordinators) Research Data Service (Heidi Imker, Director) Research Support Services (Dan Tracy, LIS & Research Support, based in SSHEL) Researcher Information Systems (Rebecca Bryant, Visiting Manager)

In December the Scholarly Commons focused on making a smooth and effective transition with RRSS to two distinct services — Reference and Information Services (in the Office of User Services) and the Scholarly Commons (in Research). The transition will be effective January 1, 2015.

The unit heads in the Office of Research will begin meeting regularly in January 2015.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library IT Leadership Transition
On January 16, Tom Habing will assume responsibility for Library IT operations as the Director for Library IT overall programs and services. Jim Dohle will continue as Director of Library IT Production Services, as a unit within Library IT. Beth Namachchivaya and Tom are working on the details of the transition. Please contact Beth or Tom if you have any questions about the transition.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Acquisitions Information for Fund Managers now in a LibGuide
Please look at our new presentation of information for bibliographers. This LibGuide provides details on tools available to assist you in ordering material for the Library Collections including Budget cycles and dates, fund reports and vendor tools. An FAQ that will assist new bibliographers is included.

Two new tabs on ebooks and recurring Resources will be added soon. Acquisitions staff will be contacting bibliographers in 2015 to see if this was useful and what changes can be made.

You can find this guide at the training site at:
http://uiuc-training.libguides.com/index.php or use this link to the guide:

It is also being linked from the Acquisitions web page (easily found from a search of the Gateway) or see: http://www.library.illinois.edu/acq/ and look under Quick Links.
And a big thank you to the Acquisitions graduate assistants who helped to create this guide.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Acquisitions Update on Serial Invoices
Many of the serial invoices are in and have been paid. Elsevier is complete as is Wiley. The bulk of all the EBSCO vended subscriptions have also been paid. We do not have the Springer or Sage invoices as yet but those are obligated on the xxx9 funds at last year’s pricing. We rarely have this much of the serial invoicing completed at the end of December so this is terrific news. Wendy Shelburne, Chad Lewis and Dustin Reinhart made heroic efforts to get these in and paid. We now have spent more than half of our budget and we thank all those who have been regularly reviewing their funds and submitting orders. This is a huge help to keep materials flowing in to Acquisitions and then out again to their libraries or for online activations as the case may be. Thank you and here is also one quick reminder on important dates in 2015:

February 2nd – By close of business on Feb. 2, any remaining orders requiring:
1. approval of a sole source justification or
2. a license and is greater than or equal to $5,000 in total value. Procurement rules are such that an order cannot be assumed unless this date is met.

May 1st – Date of last orders for the current FY for any amount less than $5,000 that does not require a license. This includes all firm orders. The only exception for materials procurement for the current FY will be approval plan orders as those are prepaid on account (but that account must also be paid by last invoice date: last day for transfers to pbad (central approval fund) is therefore also last order day).

May 25th – Date of last invoices. Any invoices received before May 25th will be processed in the current FY if there is a valid order. Acquisitions and the Library Business Office cannot guarantee current FY processing of any invoices received after this date. Invoices received after this date may be held for processing off of the assigned funds in the next FY.

REMINDER: CARLI is moving to a new version of Voyager in mid-June 2015 that will result in some downtime and delays in invoice processing so it is really important that we keep to these dates in order to end our fiscal year. Thanks again for all your help.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Strategic Planning Update
Lisa Hinchliffe, Coordinator for Strategic Planning

I am pleased to start 2015 with the first installment of what will be a monthly update in Library Office Notes about our strategic planning process. This update will be a general summary of progress with highlights and will complement the strategic planning website (http://www.library.illinois.edu/administration/strategicplanning/) and blog (http://publish.illinois.edu/librarystrategicplanning/), which will provide details including document drafts, meetings minutes/summaries, etc. and serve as an archive for the project. I will also be setting up strategic planning office hours for those who would like a one-to-one opportunity for conversation.

October through December were focused on working with John Wilkin, University Librarian, on establishing the strategic planning project and then kick-off meetings with the Steering Team, Executive Committee, Administrative Council, the Cabinet, and the Library Staff Steering Committee in addition to discussions with the Associate University Librarians (AULs). A general timeline for the project is posted and will be updated over time (http://www.library.illinois.edu/administration/strategicplanning/timeline.html). The most immediate focus is preparing for the January 9 Library Retreat. It is really exciting that more than 230 people have chosen to participate in the retreat and engage a wide-ranging discussion about the University Library and its future. The Steering Team and the AULs have done great work on shaping the content of the retreat and I am grateful to Kim Matherly, Zoe Revell, and the Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee who are assisting with the logistics of the event.
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FACILITIES: Project Information
Please visit the Office of Library Facilities webpage for project information (under Facilities–>Project Information). http://www.library.illinois.edu/administration/facilities/
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Glocal Connections Marketplace
January 14, 2015

Do you like hot chocolate and cookies at work? Do you travel for work? Do you want to know where colleagues on the library are working internationally? Then you will definitely want to join the International and Area Studies Library’s Teaching and Engagement Committee for a “Glocal Connections Marketplace” on Wednesday, January 14th from 10am-2pm in conference room 323c in the Main Library.   This special event will invite library employees to contribute to an interactive map that will demonstrate the international nature of our work to campus administration as well as help us connect with colleagues who have experience in specific locations abroad. Stop by any time between 10 and 2 to share your experiences and enjoy free light refreshments donated by iTEC members. We look forward to seeing you on the January 14th, 2015!
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Trivia Night with RBML at Pizza M
Wednesday, January 21, 7:00pm

Please join us at Urbana’s Pizza M restaurant and test your rare book knowledge! RBML will sponsor one round (ten questions) of trivia questions during Pizza M’s regular trivia night contests and provide suitable recognition to the round’s winner. Rare book trivia and pizza: you can’t beat it!
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Would you like to see a Questions section in LON? If you have a library-related question and would like to see it answered in an upcoming issue, please send it to hmurphy@illinois.edu. Perhaps the answer will benefit the entire LON readership!

If you would like to submit content for the February issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to John Wilkin, Sue Searing, Beth Sandore, or Tom Teper by Wednesday, January 21, 2015.