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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Joins OCLC Research Library Partnership
We have joined the OCLC Research Library Partnership and will explore the value of the Partnership. Our liaison is Roy Tennant, who welcomes your questions. OCLC lists the benefits and opportunities of the Partnership as:

  • The opportunity to work with similarly motivated institutions to collaboratively address changing architectural, workflow and service issues.
  • Invitations to Partners-only working groups that focus on high-priority needs and issues.
  • Invitations to Partners-only programs, educational events and symposia.
  • Working on areas of common interest with colleagues across the world and across sectors.
  • Sharing collections and continuing to build and refine resource-sharing capacities.
  • Improving the management of the cultural and scholarly record.
  • Contributing to the developing practices and economics of research information description.
  • Benefiting from data mining efforts to improve service and inform management of collections.
  • Helping to form community views of best practices in a range of key arenas.
  • Active engagement in the collaborative design of our collective future.
  • Serving on working groups

Lists include:

  • The Primary Sources Listserv is open to your staff with interests in rare books, archives, and special collections.
  • The Research Information Management Interest Group List is open to those with an interest in ways the library can better support scholarly research.
  • The Metadata Management Interest Group List is open to individuals involved in creating and using metadata (not just technical services staff).
  • Heads of Systems Listserv is open to staff with an interest in systems-related issues (not limited to Heads of such departments).
  • Announcements to Partners Listserv is used to communicate weekly updates with staff at OCLC Research Library Partner institutions about Partnership work, events, publications and participation opportunities. It is a moderated listserv open to all individuals from OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions, at all levels with all interests. (OCLC encourages as many of us as are interested to join this low-overhead, informative list.)

For more information about the lists or to sign up, visit To get a sense of the outcomes of recent work, visit the publications page:
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The Music and Performing Arts Library (MPAL) is now circulating iPads. Anyone with an iCard may check out an MPAL iPad for a one-week loan period. The iPads have a variety of apps for music, dance, and theatre study and creation, as well as productivity apps such as Evernote and EasyBib. More information about the MPAL iPads can be found at
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The History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library introduced a new website for the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (IDNC) at

The IDNC is a free online archive of digitized historic newspapers and trade journals organized in four different collections. Using Veridian Digital Library software, the IDNC offers a modern and user-friendly way to access unique research tools and engage with the past. The new website will replace Olive Active Paper which will be retired over Summer 2014.

The website includes interactive features allowing users to tag articles, correct OCR text, and share their findings on social media. In order to provide the most accurate content, the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library is seeking the public’s assistance in correcting headlines and article text; please send corrections to
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library T-Shirts For Sale
University Library t-shirts are available for purchase in the Advancement Office. The t-shirts are orange with blue lettering and come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The t-shirts are folded, compressed, and packaged in a unique book form. Since they are shrink-wrapped, they would make perfect gifts (e.g., for graduate assistants or student employees); however, this also means that opened t-shirts cannot be returned or exchanged. In keeping with licensing guidelines, t-shirts may only be sold to Library faculty and staff. They are $15 each, cash (exact change preferred) or checks, and available in 227 Main Library. 
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Acquires Erlewine Astrology Collection
The University Library has acquired the extensive collection of astrology journals and books belonging to Michael Erlewine, an American musician, astrologer, photographer, TV host, and Internet entrepreneur. The collection includes many videos, calendars, kits, and tarot card decks, and more than 16,000 books and periodicals—4,000 of which no other library appears to hold. Read more at
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mortenson Associates 2014
We expect 32 librarians from China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe for the 2014 Mortenson Associates program. The program, “Imagine, Question, Connect: A Professional Development Program for Library Innovators and Decision-Makers,” will take place in Urbana from May 29-June 14, 2014. Participants will engage with other library professionals in a variety of workshops and library tours, and will attend the Next Library 2014 Conference in Chicago. We are still looking for volunteers to be friends with visiting associates. Contact Jamie Luedtke to volunteer or if you have questions.
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Eight READ Global staff from India, Nepal, and Bhutan will participate in the Mortenson Associates program. They will have some special programming as well as participate in the Small Public Library Management Institute that the Illinois State Library holds for rural librarians. During their stay they will also be engaged in a train-the-trainer program. They will return to their home countries to deliver training to librarians in READ Centers in all three countries. Mortenson Center staff will participate in the regional training sessions.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: New E-reserve Services
CMS has added two new formats to our e-reserves services: still images and video recordings.

Still image e-reserves are now processed by CMS with support for using ARTstor provided by Sarah Christensen <>, the Library’s Visual Resources Curator <>.

  • Images in digital collections (e.g. ARTstor)
  • Images on the web (legally posted)
  • Scanned images
  • Etc.

Click here for information on how to use ARTstor for still images in the classroom and reserves. <>

Video e-reserves are now a regular part of e-reserves.

  • Streaming video in the Library’s online catalog.
  • Video on the web (legally posted)
  • Clips from feature films and documentaries
  • Etc.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Notes about Tornado Watches
Spring weather in Illinois means tornado watches. Central Access Services uses the library PA system to announce National Weather Service (NWS) tornado watches in the Main Library. The announcement is made twice. We also notify the larger U of I campus library community of tornado watches by emailing the LIBNEWS listserv. The email and the announcement are as follows:

Champaign County is under a “tornado watch” alert from ________ a.m./p.m. to ________ a.m./p.m. This means that conditions are favorable for a tornado to form. Turn on the radio and listen for further announcements. Be prepared to take cover in the event that civil defense sirens sound. Should “take cover” warnings be heard, library staff should be prepared to implement unit’s tornado plan and assist in the movement of personnel and library users to protected areas. Patrons should evacuate to the Undergraduate Library Tunnel.

On occasion, libraries have interpreted a tornado WATCH announcement to mean they should move to a tornado-safe shelter to take cover. Please note that the text of our tornado watch is intended to remind libraries what to do if the NWS issues a tornado warning for Champaign or Urbana.

In keeping with our procedures, we announce warnings if they are issued for Champaign County, but it is unlikely that we would have time to announce warnings for Champaign-Urbana if tornado sirens sounded. It’s worth noting that not all tornado warnings are preceded by tornado watches.
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Congratulations to Sue Searing for having been appointed to the Board of College & Research Libraries. Sue joins Lori Mestre on the Board of one of the most prestigious publications in the profession.
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HR NEWS: Faculty and AP Searches
Below is a summary of current academic searches as of April 29, 2014 (click on graphic below to enlarge). A more comprehensive listing is sent via LibNews each month.

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HR NEWS: Civil Service Staff Openings
Below is a summary of current civil service staff openings as of April 29, 2014 (click on graphic below to enlarge).

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HR NEWS: Floating Holidays
Use it or lose it! The deadline for using your floating holidays is fast approaching. If they are not used by June 30th, they will be lost. University policy does not allow them to carry forward to the next fiscal year. If you are civil service contact Kim Hutcherson or 333-5480, for academic professionals and faculty check your records on
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HR NEWS: Retirements

Academic Professional

  • Vicki Trimble, Advancement, May 30, 2014


  • Barbara Ford, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, May 30, 2014
  • Frances Jacobson Harris, University High School Librarian, June 29, 2014

Support Staff

  • Mary Anderson, Acquisitions, May 30, 2014
  • Margaret Lewis, Mathematics Library, June 27, 2014
  • Marquita Miller, University Librarian’s Office, May 30, 2014
  • Betty Smith, Central Access Services, May 30, 2014
  • Helen Sullivan, Archives Research Center, May 30, 2014
  • Beth Trotter, Acquisitions, April 30, 2014

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HR NEWS: Review of AP Employees

Library Human Resources want to remind you that as mandated in Communication No. 22: Annual Review of Academic Professional Employees, supervisors of Academic Professionals need to complete a written performance review for their AP employees. The policy and procedural guidelines are available at:

Because of anticipated earlier deadlines for budget submission, the date for completing the AP reviews is being moved up. Evaluations for Library Academic Professional employees will be due by 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 16, 2014, in the Library Human Resources Office.

Academic Human Resources reminds us that: “At its heart, an effective performance review system strives to improve even the most distinguished performance by eliminating productivity barriers and sponsoring innovation. Now more than ever, it is critical that we recognize exceptional performers and guide others to optimize their contributions. In all, the annual performance review translates into better performance and provides an opportunity to:

  • Recognize exceptional performance
  • Identify underperformance and prioritize expectations
  • Establish goals and stimulate employee investment
  • Align career interest with career paths and professional development opportunities.”

Commonly used performance review instruments are available via the link below:

Any questions may be directed to the Library Human Resources Office.
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FACILITIES: Projects in Planning

  • Main Library – Room 1 Renovation for Technical Services – CAM will provide new space and furniture for the staff currently located in room 220 Main Library. Room 44 Main Library is being prepared for CMS’s move in the coming month, gift collections, shelving and processing area will be moving to 7A after CMS moves to room 44. Library Project.
  • Main Library – Room 146 Renovation for University Archives will provide a newly remodeled services point for the unit. This is the implementation of the NSM planning. The collection, staffing and reading areas are in the final stage of design. Library project.
  • Main Library – Stacks Chiller Tower Replacement Facilities & Services will be replacing two existing chiller towers located on the 4th Main Stack Addition roof with two high efficiency units. Bidding has been completed. Construction start date May 15, 2014 with the tower replacement taking place in October 2014 after the summer major cooling season. Facilities and Services project.
  • Main Library – Parking Lot E3 Drainage Study Consultant has finalized the plan for resolving the water overflow from the E3 parking lot into the west basement entry and loading dock. Campus Parking is reviewing construction delivery methods and schedule. The work will be done summer 2014 or summer 2015. Facilities & Services, Campus Parking and Library project.
  • Main Library – Gregory Drive Sidewalk/abandon electric vault cover replacement. Consultant is designing the replacement lid/sidewalk for a section of sidewalk along the south side of the Main Library that has major deterioration. Facilities & Services’ project.
  • Main Library – 1st floor center restroom renovation. The project will renovate both spaces providing one accessible women’s and one accessible men’s restroom on the first floor adjacent to the Marshall Gallery. Currently reviewing the 95% construction documents. Facilities & Services’ project.
  • Main Library – Room 220 operational planning for Scholarly Commons and Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) services. Schedule for renovation is being developed.
  • Grainger Engineering Library & Information Center – Design Center – New collaboration project between the College of Engineering and Grainger Engineering Library Current proposal would re envision the west end of the basement level – room 000 and the west end of the first floor – room 100. A phased project with the early phase anticipated to be ready for the fall semester 2014.
  • Horticulture Field Laboratory – University Archives NEH Grant Remodeling – The project will replace the existing environmental system for the three existing vaults, construct a new vault for instrument storage in room 108 and install fire suppression in all 4 vaults. In the process of completing the design development phase, reviewing the budget and schedule.
  • Undergraduate Library – planning for additional panel enclosures and reading/collaboration tables for the Media Commons.

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FACILITIES: Projects in Construction

  • Main Library – Phase 2B Masonry Restoration and Window Replacement – North Lightcourt. Mortar grinding is complete. Mortar pointing began this week with the sequence of completion to be east, north, west and south elevations. The contractors are aware of the finals schedule and intend to continue with the pointing unless the noise is a problem. Window replacement will start in mid-June 2014.
  • Main Library – Room 146 renovation in preparation for the University Archives relocation. Painting is complete, flooring replacement to start in May, window shades to follow. Electrical and data work to follow the completion of the shelving and furniture layout.
  • Undergraduate Library – Upper Level Flooring replacement project. The upper level of the UGL will be out of service until the end of July 2014. Please be aware 291 UGL scheduling will need to be reserved in other Library instructional labs. The circulation desk will be set up temporarily in the lower level for the duration of the project. CITES is currently investigating alternative locations for room 289. Print reserves will be held at the circulation desk in the Main Library for the summer. Start date May 19, 2014.
  • Undergraduate Library – painting additional columns on the upper level to match the blue columns in the north portion of the Media Commons.
  • Grainger Engineering Library – wood flooring restoration. F&S will start in room 240 (large center space), then room 252 and finish in room 200. Start date May 19, 2014.
  • Grainger Engineering Library – 4th floor window treatment replacement. On hold until F&S and the Library replace several failed thermal glazing panels.
  • Campus Streets – Surface Replacement Projects – Summer 2014 Please visit the following link for project descriptions and scheduling. The Sixth Street from Gregory to Armory will be done in phases to allow the E3 parking lot adjacent to the Main Library to remain open during the project.

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FACILITIES: Projects in Completion

  • Main Library – Preservation 425, 425A, 425B, 425C, 427, 429, 437 and 439. Preservation staff have completed their move into their office spaces with final remodeling of labs to follow. F&S will be providing construction services in rooms 425A, 425B and 439 (labs and work rooms).
  • Main Library – Room 310 and 312 – Research Data Services. The two office spaces are finished with remodeling, furniture has been installed, power/data updated and window treatment. The new director of RDS should be arriving in a few months with two staff member hires to follow.
  • Main Library – Room 106 Renovation The room should be finished by mid-summer. It will be a hybrid conference/seminar/limited instruction space. The space is intended to provide flexible arrangements with 8 mobile tables, 35 chairs with casters, 3 – 80” flat panel displays mounted on N. W. & E. walls. Library IT is working with CITES on finalizing the necessary comments for the A/V in the room.
  • Undergraduate Library – recently completed the carpet installation in the northeast corner of the lower level to allow for the reconfiguration of carrels and reading tables and use of the sound booth for Media Commons.
  • Undergraduate Library – bicycle parking on the plaza deck. Stainless steel loops were installed in four areas NW, SW, NE and SE of the paved center area to allow the Library to adequate bicycle parking for increase demand by patrons and allow for better enforcement non-compliant bicycle parking. The existing black loops were relocated to the south bicycle lot along Gregory Drive to replace the broken rack west of the south entry to the Main Library.

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EVENTS AND TRAINING: #44 Society Meeting
Paul Gehl, Custodian of the John M. Wing Foundation on the History of Printing at the Newberry Library in Chicago, will talk about the University of Illinois Cavagna Collection.
May 14, 2014, 3:00PM in RBML
All are welcome to attend.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: First Summer Research Lab in MEIS-SRL
The International and Area Studies Library with The Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are holding the First Summer Research Lab in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS-SRL), to offer scholars an opportunity to utilize the Library’s extensive collection on the Middle East and Islam. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has the largest public university library and the second-largest university library in North America. As of December, the Library had 56,395 books in Arabic, 30,341 books and 2,776 serials on Islamic studies. The Library also features the Sultan Qaboos Collection on Oman and Ibadi Islam, thanks to a grant from the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center.

May 19 – August 8, 2014 with workshops on Ibadi Islam: History and Bibliography (July 14, 2014) and The Arab Spring (Al-Rabi? al-‘Arabi) (July 16, 2014)

The Library has a strong collection of classical Islamic books and modern Arabic books from Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries and reference works written in Arabic, Persian, English, French and German, including bibliographies, dictionaries and encyclopedias. The collection has Arabic novels from every Arab country, especially Egypt and Lebanon, and carries novels written in minority languages such as Berber or Kurdish. In addition the Library has newspapers from 1890, such as Al-Mu’ayyad and Al-Ahram. The Library also houses Arabic manuscripts from Mauritania and a collection of Albert H. Lybyer Papers, 1876-1949.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Library-Wide Update
Dean John Wilkin will hold a Library-wide update at 2:30 p.m. on May 21 in Room 66. This will be the first of two or three updates planned annually. You can expect reports on activities and outcomes such as the un-retreats; questions about, and suggestions for, future activities are welcome. An agenda will be provided closer to May 21.
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“Fire Burne and Cauldron Bubble:” Witchcraft at the Dawn of Modernity
30 May—8 August 2014 in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, a specter was haunting Europe, the specter of witchcraft. The West was swept by the growing preoccupation of ecclesiastical and secular authorities withe the threat posed by witches—that is, by people, most often women, who were believed to be practitioners of magic, working in concert with diabolical powers toward the subversion of Christian society. This seemingly irrational obsession is well represented by printed and manuscript works held by the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Curated by Graduate Assistant David Morris, this exhibition will showcase a number of texts showing the rise and fall of the of the West’s long history of fascination with witchcraft and demonology.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Ikenberry Library Open House
Ikenberry Library Open House—The Residence Hall Library’s Ikenberry location will host an Open House on Wednesday, June 4th, from noon to 4 p.m. Stop by and see our collections, which include lots of great choices for summer reading, plenty of DVDs, and CDs to enjoy. Please bring your I-Card so you can check them out! The Ikenberry Library will be open this summer Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 pm. beginning May 27th through the start of the fall semester. If there are materials that you or other patrons desire from the other Residence Hall Library locations over the summer, requests will be fulfilled three times a week and available for delivery to any open campus libraries.
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If you would like to submit content for the June 1 issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to John Wilkin, Sue Searing, Beth Sandore, or Tom Teper by Wednesday, May 21, 2014.