July Library Office Notes




ANNOUNCEMENTS: University Librarian Note 
I’ve temporarily suspended my Dean’s note for LON in light of the communications surrounding our response to COVID-19. Please see library.illinois.edu/staff/covid-19/ for the full list of notes that have come out. We will continue to adjust and respond to circumstances as they change, and I will send out notes on changes in the way we deploy our services and budget implications for the University and Library as the implications become clearer. I am ever grateful for the ways that you have all adapted and contributed to our engagement with the campus during the stay-at-home period, and I look forward to our being back in our library buildings with all of you.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: ILS Coordination Team Report
Michael Norman, Discovery Services Librarian and ILS Coordinator

As of June 24, we are live on Alma and the Primo Library Catalog. The implementation of both systems went as expected and we will continue to work over the summer to optimize the setup of Alma and the Primo Catalog to be ready for the beginning of the Fall Semester. The Library’s Home Page is actively pointing to the new Primo Library Catalog. All internal and external work should now occur in the Alma and Primo VE systems. To see the production version of the Primo Library Catalog, navigate to this url to view the production interface: https://i-share-uiu.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/search?vid=01CARLI_UIU:CARLI_UIU&lang=en

We do still have access to static copies of Voyager and VuFind catalogs. From June 24, 2020, until October 30, 2020, CARLI plans to provide a static copy of Voyager for staff clients, MS Access reporting, and Voyager Web Reports. CARLI will also continue to provide read-only versions of the UIUC Library’s local library catalogs and the I-Share union catalog that are derived from Voyager data (including New VuFind, VuFind 0.6, and Classic Voyager (WebVoyage). All three catalogs will be retired on October 30.

Training information for Alma and Primo Library Catalog
The ILS Coordination Team has created a site to centralize our training documentation and recordings of the various training sessions that have occurred over the past several months. Check out the site at https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/alma/ to see full training calendar occurring over in May and June and the informative sources collected for working in Alma and Primo VE.

Also, recordings of the many Alma and Primo training sessions that have occurred in May 2020 (and earlier ones as well) can be discovered at the ILS Coordination Team page at: https://www.library.illinois.edu/geninfo/discoveryservices/ils-coordination-team/

Questions about Alma or Primo Library Catalog
If you have questions or need to report problems about Alma and/or the Primo Library Catalog, there is a new section on the Alma Staff Training page in the Contact Us section at https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/alma/
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grants: Welcoming Wendy Balthazor and New PI Handbook
In case you missed the LibNews announcement, we are delighted to announce Wendy Balthazor will be starting remotely on July 13th as the Library’s new Grants and Contracts Coordinator in the Business and Human Resources Service Center. We’re fortunate to have been able to recruit Wendy into the Library, and we look forward to welcoming her as she starts. We will be setting up an open office hour later in July to give you an opportunity to speak with Wendy and discuss any upcoming grant opportunities.

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) offers a very well-done Principal Investigator (PI) Handbook and they’ve just released a new update.

The PI Handbook is designed to provide all investigators, especially new faculty, with guidance on sponsored project related policies and practices, to serve as a quick reference for general questions, and to identify helpful resources. The PI Handbook covers the entire lifecycle of a sponsored project.

Topics include:

  • Proposal Grant Writing Basics
  • Finding Funding
  • Proposal Development
  • Anticipation Accounts
  • Award negotiation
  • Non-Disclosure & Material Transfer Agreements
  • Research Compliance
  • Subawards
  • Cost Principles
  • Project Expenditures
  • Semi-Annual Confirmations
  • Cost Sharing
  • Cost Transfers
  • Effort and Compensation on Sponsored Projects
  • Administrative Costs
  • Equipment
  • Travel
  • Proposal Income
  • Sponsored Project Closeout

The PI Handbook is available on the SPA website: http://sponsoredprograms.illinois.edu/education-outreach/principal-investigator-handbook.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Did You Know? A Monthly Factoid from Library Assessment
Business Information Services (BIS) has been providing the Business 101 Library Workshop to students who enroll in BUS 101 (Professional Responsibility and Business), a 3-credit course and a core requirement for business majors. In Fall 2019, BUS 101 instructors required all their students to complete the Workshop. 704 students (out of 791 who enrolled) completed an evaluation after attending the Workshop. 66% of those students (n=464) ranked the Workshop “Very Good” and identified the elements they liked the most: Instruction, Hands-on Practice, and Availability of Resources. In addition, a comparison of BUS 101 course grades from Fall 2018 (students were not required to complete the Workshop) found that the students from Fall 2019 had higher grades (t test results).

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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Collection Development Committee Notes
The most recent meetings minutes of the CDC are posted at:
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Content Access Policy & Technology Meeting Minutes
The meetings minutes of CAPT (including workgroup reports) are posted at:
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Recognizing Excellence

Please forward journal editorships or editorial board membership, elected and invited external service appointments, honors, and awards information to Heather Murphy.
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HR NEWS: Departures

    • William Mischo – Retirement – June 30, 2020
    • Faraba Parish – Retired from ACS – June 30, 2020

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HR NEWS: Filled Positions

  • Wendy Balthazor – Grants & Contracts Associate/Coordinator – BHRSC – July 12, 2020
  • Mary Borgo Ton – Digital Publishing Specialist – Scholarly Communications and Publishing – July 1, 2020
  • Victor Riveros – Web Application Developer – Library IT, July 1, 2020
  • Sanga Sung – Visiting Government Information Librarian – Research and Information Services – July 16, 2020
  • Wenjie Weng – GIS Specialist – Scholarly Commons – June 16, 2020

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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Staff Events Calendar
To see the most up-to-date staff events calendar, please visit https://uiuc.libcal.com/calendar/staff.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Mindful Movement and Meditation
The Wellness Committee is pleased to announce a multi-part Mindful Meditation course open to Library employees this summer. 

Mindful Movement & Meditation
Mindful movement is intentional stretching, muscle activation, and release to help counter common tensions and improve posture. 15-20 min of movement is then followed by a guided meditation practice such as breath awareness or body scan.

Specific physical focus options: 

  • May 27 – Breath Awareness
  • June 3 – neck/shoulders — relieve common tension area in the upper body, countering slumped shoulders, etc.
  • June 10 – hands/wrists — stretches for the hands/fingers/wrists, carpal tunnel/strain preventative
  • June 17 – low back/core/hips — release strain in low back, tightness in hips, strength core
  • June 24  – face — soften tension in jaw, eye/brow strain, strength breathing and neck muscles the  ‘yogi facelift’
  • July 1 – Loving-Kindness/Metta Meditation

The instructor is Kristina Reese from Hatha Yoga and Fitness. At each session, Kristina will guide participants through gentle meditation techniques. Methods vary across sessions to give participants a taste of different ways of approaching meditation. The program builds gradually over six sessions as participants become more comfortable meditating. The sessions are appropriate for all levels of practice.  Attending all sessions is recommended and helpful for learning and practicing the various tools presented, but not required. 

Place: Zoom meeting
Cost: There is no cost to attend but class size is limited, so please register for each session separately.
Time:  12:00-1:00 pm, Wednesdays 
Register: https://uiuc.libcal.com/calendar/staff

What is Mindful Meditation & Why is it Helpful
Whether you’re thinking about family life, work, school, what you’re going to make for dinner, what you said at yesterday’s meeting, or all of the above, it’s easy to get caught in a pattern of swirling thoughts. Mindfulness meditation is a mental training practice that can be helpful in these situations. It brings you and your thoughts into the present, focusing on emotions, thoughts, and sensations that you’re experiencing “in the now.”  Through this series, you will learn how to cultivate tools for mindfulness including breath awareness, visualization, body scan practices, and focus techniques. Each session includes specific mindfulness meditation tips and techniques, a guided meditation session, and time for reflection. By the end of the series, participants will be equipped to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives and maintain their own meditation practice (again, participation for all sessions recommended, but not required).

Mindfulness can help you:

  • Reduce stress hormones linked to heart disease and immune function
  • Improve emotional steadiness, gain mental clarity and peace of mind
  • Build techniques for managing pain, anxiety and sleeplessness
  • Enhance brain efficiency and improve concentration and focus
  • Increase compassion and improve communication and relationships

This series is sponsored by the Wellness Committee with the generous support of Dean Wilkin. For questions, please email me at revell@illinois.edu.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: NISO Webinar Picking and Choosing Titles for Use

NISO Webinar:  No More Big Deal?  Picking and Choosing Titles for Use – July 6, 2020 (recording available upon request)
More than 20 years since it was first introduced, some institutions are moving away from the “Big Deal”, which licenses institutional access to a critical mass of content. There are pros and cons of doing so, and this roundtable discussion will bring together speakers from institutions that have already stepped back from such deals and those for whom taking that step is — for whatever reason—- not yet an option. They will consider questions such as: What do their respective collection budgets permit? Do researcher or departmental needs run the risk of being sidelined or overlooked in either scenario? Is it really possible — or desirable — to go back to selecting content just for your own community’s needs?

This webinar is for everyone who wants to know more about this important topic, whether you work at an institution that is considering making — or has already made — this change, or at a publishing or other organization that is interested in understanding more about the decision-making process.  

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Keith Webster, Dean of University Libraries, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Evviva Weinraub Lajoie, Vice Provost for University Libraries, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Curtis Brundy, Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Communications and CollectionsIowa State University

Recording available upon request – send email to Zoe Revell (revell@illinois.edu).
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: HR Info Session on Onboarding & Ambassador Program
Tuesday, July 7, 11 AM

Members of the Library HR team will present on updated tools and resources for onboarding employees, as well as the new Ambassador Program, which helps new employees learn about and build connections in the Library and the broader campus community.  

More details and Zoom link will be sent via LibNews.
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If you would like to submit content for the August issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to Heather Murphy or Tom Teper by July 17, 2020.