Tech Tip: Course Registration

Tech Tip: course registration. Graphic reminding students registering for courses that the Help Desk can help them with registration issues.

Course registration has started! As you register, you may experience issues using the system or get frustrated by navigation issues. The Help Desk is here to help you resolve these issues and set you up for success in the coming semesters.

Here are several quick tips if you experience issues registering for courses:

  • Clear your cache and cookies. Sometimes that’s all you need to do to fix the registration system!
  • Check for holds on your account – you may need to resolve them before you can register.
  • Double-check your registration time.
  • If you experience an error registering for a course, double-check the course requirements. It might be the wrong section of a course, or you may need to meet certain pre-requisites before you can register.
  • Make sure you hit the “Submit” button to register for selected courses – otherwise, your registration will not be saved!

The registrar also has resources to help guide you through the registration process. It’s a great resource for a variety of questions about the registration process, changing the amount of credits you register for, and more!

Tech Tip: Syllabus Project

 Tech Tip: Syllabus Project. Planning your classes for next semester, but not sure what to take? Check out the iSchool Syllabus Project to see syllabi from past courses! Access the Syllabus Project at Graphics of sticky notes against a graph paper background.

Class registration is coming up! Are you still deciding what iSchool classes to take next semester? It can be difficult to choose, especially when there are so many classes that sound interesting. To aid in your registration decision-making, the iSchool has compiled a Box folder of syllabi from previous semesters which can be accessed by all iSchool students.