Meet Duck-Duck & Goose!

This week’s Pet of the Week feature is a twofer: Duck-Duck & Goose!

These brothers were found living in a vending machine. They are both pretty basic cats except that Duck-Duck won’t lie down like a cat. You must pet him while he stands up as hard as he can. Goose loves to have his armpits stretched for him, and if that goes into a hug he’s all about it. He will not stop screaming until his mom does this every morning.

Duck-Duck and Goose, a white cat with black splotchies and a black cat with white splotchies, cuddle on a rainbow striped blanket. "Submitted by Lindsey!"

Meet Pigeon!

This week’s Pet of the Week is Pigeon!

Pigeon earned her name from the little coo-ing sound she makes when she purrs! She particularly loves chin & belly scratches and napping in the sun!

A small black and white cat lounges on a cat tree, soaking in the sunlight streaming through the window.

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Featured Pet of the Week!

We are thrilled to announce we will be starting a new Featured Pet of the Week segment! Out first feature is from our very own GA Riana and her kitty Nym!

Apart from being adorable, Nym spends her time playing fetch, sleeping, and screaming for food.

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Photo of cat laying on a human bed Photo of a cat in a dinosaur costume