All Hail Queen Morgan!

This week’s iSchool Pet of the Week is Morgan!

Morgan is a sassy little lady and also the supreme ruler of her household. She loves her human mom, Delaney, very much, unless she’s gone for several hours — then it’s time for the classic cold shoulder. (How dare she, right?) When Morgan isn’t napping, she keeps herself busy with playing in boxes, chasing crumpled up Post-It notes, and being the absolute queen that she is.

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Welcome Back Snuggles from Stevie

To assist in welcoming everyone back to campus, we recruited the help of our GA Sam’s cat, Stevie! She’s less than a year old and she loves snooping around her human’s apartment. She also loves to chat and report her findings to Sam.

A cat

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A Cute Cumin-loving Kitty

This week’s pet has a special taste for cumin and is known for stealing food that contains her favorite ingredient. She also loves to play with a good fluffy pipe cleaner. It may not be a sunbeam, but we hope that Grommet Shadow (Pompom) Abney enjoys her week in the spotlight.

A gray cat with white paws lying on the keyboard of an open laptop. She is staring at the bottom left corner of the picture with a distant look on her face.

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Feline Pals

We’ve got two kitties to start off your three-day weekend. Junior and Rusty are pals who spend their days laying around sharing telepathic messages about which chairs get the best sunlight. We hope that your weekend is just as lazy as theirs!
Decorative graphic featuring two cats laying on a dark orange couch. The cat on the right (Junior) is a brown tabby with a white pelt and white paws. He's lying on his stomach with his front paws dangling in from. The cat on the left (Rusty) is an orange tabby. He's lying on his side with his front paws crossed in front of him. Both cats are staring off into space with apathetic expressions.
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All Hail Queen Zanie!

Pet of the Week goes out to Zanie! She is the true queen of Professor Ocepek’s house, and she could not let her furry roommate, Jake, take all the POTW spotlight. She is described as possibly the most opinionated cat that has every lived, and there’s even a rule in Zanie’s house all about her: if she is sitting on you, you do not have to get up unless there is an emergency. What a powerful pet! 👑

Picture of a cat laying on pillows

Say Cheese!

POTW goes out to Bagheera, the furry friend rounding out Jen’s trio of pets! No need to be afraid of her wide open mouth, she just loves to show her pearly whites. When she isn’t busy dazzling everyone with her smile, Bagheera loves to lounge on any available mattress she can find, and really…can we blame her? Have a restful weekend, iSchoolers!

A picture of a black and grey cat with it's mouth open, laying on some mattresses