Fall in love with Ryder

Ryder is doing what we all wish we could do sometimes: taking some time to stare off into the distance and ponder the meaning of life. Walks are his least favorite part of his day, and he would rather spend his time off the leash chasing geese.

To chase or not to chase?

Ryder would like to wish all of you a happy fall.

grey of muzzle, good of boi

Happy long weekend, iSchoolers! Before you frolic off for a few days of summer fun (or marathon Animal Crossing), let’s take a moment to pause and consider the true mysteries of life. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Will they ever bring back Firefly? They say that wisdom comes with age, so perhaps our Pet of the Week can give us some answers.

This is Christopher, and he has been the goodest of bois for 13 years. THIRTEEN. What knowledge rests behind his soulful eyes? What lessons can he teach us? We contacted his humans, Kathryn and Carol, for this report:

Christopher loves penguins. He calls them penglings.

…Christopher is an actual genius.

Have a beautiful mind living in your home? Send their picture and words of wisdom to the Help Desk! They could be our next Pet of the Week!

Presenting the President of the Optimists’ Club

Friends, we’ve survived our first week of all-online life at the iSchool. The Help Desk has every confidence that we’ll survive next week, too, but we could definitely use some inspiration. That’s where this week’s Pet of the Week comes in.

Photo of a dog

Messr. Theodore Maximus Younan-Lopez (or “Teddy” to his friends) is gazing into the future, a future where he’s allowed to sniff other doggos in the park and his human, Eileen, goes to the store to buy him snausages on a daily basis; where he can leisurely wander into the bathroom for a clandestine sip of toilet water instead of having to sneak past his people*. Yes, Teddy knows there are better days coming. Teddy knows all.

We’re dreaming of a brighter future, too; especially one where our wonderful iSchoolers send us their fluffy friends to be featured as Pet of the Week. It’s for the good of humanity, y’all. Please. Think of the children.



*Our counsel advises us to state that we have no evidence Mr. Younan-Lopez has ever been anywhere near the humans’ toilet and is too good of a boy to ever do something so naughty. We apologize to Mr. Younan-Lopez and his family for any implication of wrongdoing.

Don’t Lose that Confidence, Team!

Hey, iSchoolers. How’re you holding up out there? It’s been a stressful few days and it’s probably going to stay that way. But hopefully, this week’s Pet of the Week will bring a smile to your face.

Photo of a cat surround by plants

Bill Purry here knows a little bit about mass hysteria (and dogs and cats living together), but he’s pretty sure the alien at the Holiday Inn in Paramus was wrong about the end of the world. He loves singing songs about the good life and avoiding restaurants that make you cook your own food. His biggest fan, Kiri, says that they love it when he sparkles, but it’s his professionalism that they really respect.

Have your own somber-faced comedian who stares dramatically out of rainy windows? Send it over to the Help Desk to be the Pet of the Week.

No jaguar sharks, please.