iSchool Pet Diplomas December ’22

Hey, iSchoolers!

We want to honor the real MVPs who give us that extra boost of willpower to get our degrees. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has vested the iSchool Help Desk the power to award honorary degrees to any pet who has helped their human through their time at the iSchool. If you have a pet at home who has stuck by your side through all of the Zoom sessions and homework assignments, then download a Diploma and fill it out for them!

We have diplomas for every program at the iSchool, plus a blank template for any other degrees that they may have earned along the way. If you’re on campus, you can also stop by the help desk ( 4th floor at 614 E Daniel) and pick up a hard copy!

Lastly, please email us at with a picture of your pet and their diploma to have your pet featured on our social media!

"iSchool Pet Diplomas. Are you an iSchool student who is graduating this semester? Do you have a trusty pet who stuck by your side throughout your degree? Award your hardworking pet with their own iSchool diploma!"
A white dog lays in front of a bookshelf with a graduation cap on her head and a pet diploma in her paws.