Pet of the Week! 7/7/23

This is Oliver (cat) and Pickles (turtle). Oliver has two different eyes and we rescued him back in 2018. They told us he was feral and wouldn’t be cuddly towards humans. Now he is the biggest baby and loves all the attention despite my family having two other cats. He knows how to sit, and he loves when you do x marks the spot on his back. Pickles loves his worms and is a red ear turtle that loves you when in the water but when its bath time he pretends like he was never that interested in getting to know you. 

PoTW submission courtesy of Evelyn. Thank you for submitting your pets!

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Meet Dorian!

This week’s Pet of the Week is Dorian! Named after Dorian Gray, this little cutie loves lounging on feet, tricking you into giving him second dinner, and “play fetch!”. We hope you’re all enjoying your summer as much as Dorian is!

Dorian, a fluffy grey cat, lounges on a couch with a TV remote in front of him as if he's about to change the channel. He is wearing a Chicago Cubs hat on his head that is way too big for hit little noggin.

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Meet Duck-Duck & Goose!

This week’s Pet of the Week feature is a twofer: Duck-Duck & Goose!

These brothers were found living in a vending machine. They are both pretty basic cats except that Duck-Duck won’t lie down like a cat. You must pet him while he stands up as hard as he can. Goose loves to have his armpits stretched for him, and if that goes into a hug he’s all about it. He will not stop screaming until his mom does this every morning.

Duck-Duck and Goose, a white cat with black splotchies and a black cat with white splotchies, cuddle on a rainbow striped blanket. "Submitted by Lindsey!"