Tech Tip: Course Registration

Tech Tip: course registration. Graphic reminding students registering for courses that the Help Desk can help them with registration issues.

Course registration has started! As you register, you may experience issues using the system or get frustrated by navigation issues. The Help Desk is here to help you resolve these issues and set you up for success in the coming semesters.

Here are several quick tips if you experience issues registering for courses:

  • Clear your cache and cookies. Sometimes that’s all you need to do to fix the registration system!
  • Check for holds on your account – you may need to resolve them before you can register.
  • Double-check your registration time.
  • If you experience an error registering for a course, double-check the course requirements. It might be the wrong section of a course, or you may need to meet certain pre-requisites before you can register.
  • Make sure you hit the “Submit” button to register for selected courses – otherwise, your registration will not be saved!

The registrar also has resources to help guide you through the registration process. It’s a great resource for a variety of questions about the registration process, changing the amount of credits you register for, and more!

New Student Information

Welcome new students! Need help setting up technology for classes? reach out to the Help Desk! Image of person calling staff for help against a navy blue background.

Welcome new (and returning) students! We’re happy to have you on campus, and we hope you’re well rested and prepared for the semester. As you prepare for classes and settle in for the semester, you may need tech support to help set up accounts or manage computer settings, to borrow a piece of equipment, or you might just need a piece of candy. That’s what we’re here to help you with!

The Help Desk provides tech support for the iSchool community. You’ll probably see us show up at the beginning of an in-person or online course to offer tech support to your professors! You can also find us on the 4th floor of the new iSchool building at 614 E. Daniels St if you ever need in-person support (we also always have bowls of candy, if you just want a snack). In addition, we also loan out technology like computers, chargers, keyboards and mice to iSchool students, staff, and faculty.

Lastly, if you aren’t able to meet us in person, never fear! You can email us at, call us at 217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892, or message us using TechChat. We’re extremely friendly and would love to help you however we can.

One last time: welcome, new students! We’re excited to have you here.

Tech Tip of the Week: Installing Printers and Using Papercut

Have you ever needed to print something and not known where to do it? Never fear! The iSchool has some printers that you can use!

We recommend the use of public printers Optimus, located conveniently right next to the Help Desk on the second floor or Chip who resides next to room 12 on the first floor, both located in 501 E. Daniel St. In the new building, we recommend using Luna, located next to the Help Desk on the 4th floor. To learn more about the public printers and where they live, check out this Wiki page. We will do a second Tech Tip in the future regarding printers to use in the new building once everything is set up there!

Printing Cost and Quota:
iSchool Masters and CAS students have $21 a semester for printing costs. You must be currently enrolled in an iSchool course to use this budget. School Faculty, Staff, and PhD students are not charged for printing, although it is tracked. Both black and white and color printing costs $0.07/page. Color printing is available on Optimus, located on the 2nd floor near the Help Desk. Check your printing balance on the Illinois Papercut page.  Unused printing quotas do not carry over. Additional printing quota can be purchased on the IlliniCash website. 
Undergraduate iSchool students have access to printers across campus, including the ones in the iSchool. Undergraduate printing cost is $.10/page on monochrome printers and $.40/page on color printers. Color printers charge $.40/page even if monochrome documents are printed.

Printer Installation for your computer:
Though we do have self-service kiosks for both Chip and Optimus where you can log in and print from, there is also the option for you to download the printers on to your computer, so when you are in the building you will be able to print. Instructions for how to install the printers on Mac are here and PC here! Always feel free to drop by the Help Desk if you need assistance with installing printers or have any other questions!

Tech Tip: Tech Tips in QR codes!

We are happy to announce that QR codes will be available near the Help Desks in both 501 and 614 East Daniel. These codes will, when scanned by your smartphones’ QR code reader app, link directly to previous Tech Tips you may  find useful. These QR codes will be labeled. Please feel free to drop by and learn a new Tech Tip!
In the future we hope to add more of these QR codes, revisiting Tech Tips that have otherwise been forgotten.

QR code to scan with smartphone
This QR code links to a recent Tech Tip post, “Services Available After Graduation”. Scan it with your phone and QR reader app to link directly to the tip on our blog.

Longing Gazes into the Weekend

This week the Help Desk was graced with nobility the likes of which we have never seen.

We had to make sure everyone saw Eartha Kitty, and hope that her proud stance will inspire you into the weekend! Thank you Kiri for sharing this adorable floof with us!

Photo of cat looking out a window

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