Welcome to the Problem Desk!

Group photo at the Problem Desk
Effective, Monday, April 4th. The Help Desk at 501 E Daniel St will be redesignated as the Problem Desk. Are you bored, have too much time on your hands, and feel like making yourself useful? Please stop by the Problem Desk, or email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu, and we will give you a problem to solve!
Our initial offerings are for problems in mathematics, philosophy, and fashion. Here are some examples:

Solve the following.
The limit as x approaches zero of the natural log of the difference of one and x minus the sin of x all divided by one minus the cosine squared of x

Does anyone deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life? Or are happiness and fulfillment gifts that we are never deserving of, yet some of us receive nonetheless?

Who wore it best? Featured are two models wearing an identical hat.

Solved problems will not be checked for accuracy, and solving a problem will not result in any compensation except for the knowledge of a job well done.

Friday Boba and Tea

Hope that y’all had a lovely week! Boba is here to send you off onto your weekend. He is a dwarf hamster who loves exploring the hallways of his home in his hamster ball. He dislikes it when his human disrupts his habitat to clean and will squeak loudly to express his annoyance.

Boba the hamster

If you’d like to submit your pet to be iSchool’s Pet of the Week, email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu with their name, photo, and any cute stories you’d like to share.

Tech Tip of the Week: Canvas Gradebook Icons

This week’s Tech Tip is for students. Ever see an icon in your grades, and you’re not sure what it means? Our Canvas Gradebook Icons MediaSpace video will discuss icons that indicate when an assignment is graded or ungraded or when there are extra details about your grade.

You can also click through the slides used for this video.

If you want more information about Canvas grading icons, please visit Canvas’ complete grading icon guide.

This Doggo is on Team Edward

Our pet of the week this week is Charlie, a toy poodle who loves vampires. His favorite things to watch are Twilight and the Originals. His best friend is a rabbit, and they are approximately the same size–though the rabbit’s name is Calliope and not Bunnicula.
A dog named Charlie
If you live in the Chicagoland area and thinking about fostering or adopting, Charlie’s owners recommend PAWS.
Please share your pets with us! Email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu with their name, photo, and any cute stories.

Welcome Back Snuggles from Stevie

To assist in welcoming everyone back to campus, we recruited the help of our GA Sam’s cat, Stevie! She’s less than a year old and she loves snooping around her human’s apartment. She also loves to chat and report her findings to Sam.

A cat

If you have a pet that you would like to share with us, please email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu .

A Cute Cumin-loving Kitty

This week’s pet has a special taste for cumin and is known for stealing food that contains her favorite ingredient. She also loves to play with a good fluffy pipe cleaner. It may not be a sunbeam, but we hope that Grommet Shadow (Pompom) Abney enjoys her week in the spotlight.

A gray cat with white paws lying on the keyboard of an open laptop. She is staring at the bottom left corner of the picture with a distant look on her face.

Do you have a pet you want to share with us? Email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu .

Honorary Pet Degrees!

Hey, iSchoolers!

We know that attending school from home can be tough sometimes, so we want to honor the real MVPs who give us that extra boost of willpower. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has invested in the iSchool Help Desk the power to award honorary degrees to any pet who has helped their human through school. If you have a pet at home who has stuck by your side through all of the Zoom sessions and homework assignments, then download a Diploma and fill it out for them!

An orange and white cat with diploma that reads "Masters of Science in Library and Information Sciences"

We have diplomas for every program at the iSchool, plus a blank template for any other degrees that they may have earned along the way. If you’re on campus, you can also stop by either of the help desks (2nd floor at 501 E Daniel or 4th floor at 614 E Daniel) and pick up a hard copy!

Lastly, please email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu with a picture of your pet and their diploma. We would like to create a collage of all our animal grads!

Blue-eyed Boomer

Feeling a little frigid this week? Boomer will keep the chill at bay with his own icy blue eyes. And for an extra scratch behind his handsome ears, he’ll cuddle in your lap and warm you for hours. Emma is a lucky human to have this pupper for cozy company.

A corgi name Boomer standing in a hallway staring into the camera. Boomer is white with brown and black accented coloring. His eyes are bright blue and his ears are the same size as his head.

Do you have a pet that you want to share? Email us their picture at help@support.ischool.illinois.edu!

Sir Skeeter the Corgi of Pennsylvania

Our first November pet of the week is Skeeter! Skeeter is a corgi and a Pennsylvania native. He misses his human Krysta very much when she is off studying preservation techniques. But when she comes home, he gets very excited for belly scratches and long walks with her.

Do you have a pet that you want to share? Email us their picture at help@support.ischool.illinois.edu!

An orange a white corgi laying in the grass. His head is tilted so that he's staring at something to the right.

Do you have a pet that you want to share? Email us their picture at help@support.ischool.illinois.edu!

Meet the Dog of Thunder!

Check out our 12-year-old good boi that we’re featuring this week–Thor. Don’t let his age fool you–he can be grumpy sometimes but he loves getting into shenanigans with his sister Tessa and taking her stuffed toys.
Decorative graphic featuring a brown-medium sized dog. He's standing on a sidewalk glance to the left with a forlorn expression on his face. Graphic reads: "iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week; Thor"
If you have a pet that you would like featured, please email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu.