Tech Tip: Having a Backup Plan 2.0

As we move into finals period and get closer to graduation, it’s important to make sure you’re updated on all of the ways you can store, share, and backup files. No need to worry about that final paper disappearing anymore! Check out this week’s Tech Tip on keeping all of your files safe and sound by visiting the File Storage page on the iSchool Wiki.

Computer screen showing Google Drive homepage.

Tech Tip of the Week: It’s a New Semester!

Welcome to the new semester!

This week’s Tech Tip covers some of the most relevant and helpful resources and tips to prepare you for the start of the semester.

Follow us the rest of the semester for a new Tech Tip each week!

Tech Tip of the Week: Having a Back-Up Plan

Imagine that you are about to submit your final research paper of the semester or an article to a journal that you have spent weeks, if not months, perfecting. All of the sudden your computer dies and won’t turn back on. You have lost all of your work and have to start all over again.

This Tech Tip of the Week is all about backing up your work to prevent this from happening.

Keeping important work on the cloud, such as in GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or Box, is a great way to back up your work because the cloud can be accessed from any computer.

Saving work to an external hard drive or USB flash drive is another way to make sure your files are saved to more than one location.

Tech Tip of the Week: Box

For this week’s TTW, we wanted to share something tricky about Box.

Are you wanting to store files in Box? If you’ve never used it before, be sure to go through the set-up process under “Sign Up” first. It seems like you should just be able to login with your NetID and password, but you will have to make an account first!

Screenshot of Box with arrows pointing to link called "Sign Up"