Help Desk T-Shirts

Have you seen the Help Desk’s awesome new T-shirts and felt a little jealous that you’ll never own a T-shirt that will ever be just as awesome?
Today is your lucky day; we are selling these T-shirts starting at $13.50! They come in four colors: tan, light yellow, white, and pink! You can view the T-shirts online at campus ink.
On the fence about buying? Purchase a shirt! If we don’t get 24 orders, we will be unable to order shirts for anyone. Orders are due December 11th.

Four t-shirts are displayed. From left to right they are tan, light yellow, white, and pink. The logo on the shirts in enlarged in the lower left corner. The logo is in light blue with the words "iSCHOOL HELP DESK" in a 70s, bubble letter font. The logo also includes an older desktop computer with a coffee cup and books next to it. The coffee cup has "Team Awesome" on the side. The books are titled "A Tale of 2-FA," "Printers and Punishment," and "Jane Error 404."