National Oreo Day is Tomorrow!

National Oreo Day on March 6. Clear your cache, get cookies! Visit the desk 8am-6pm with your laptop or phone. Oreos on a green background.

Attention all iSchoolers! Tomorrow is National Oreo Day, and in celebration the Help Desk is giving out FREE OREOS in a variety of flavors – from your typical Oreo filling to Java Chip, Toffee Crunch, and Space Dunks (which apparently has pop rocks in it?). We will also have a variety of Gluten-Free Oreo options available. To get Oreos, all you need to do is:

  1. Stop by the Help Desk with your laptop or phone. (we’re located on the 4th floor of the new iSchool building at 614 E Daniels Street – when you step out of the elevator, we’re right to your left!)
  2. Clear the cookies on your personal device. Or show us you know how to do it. Or let the Help Desk-ers on shift show you how to do it. We aren’t picky, we just want you to have cookies!
  3. Get OREOS!

Didn’t know your laptop had cookies? Not sure why you should clear them? Let’s go over what they are!

Laptop “cookies” are actually small files of information a website will send to your browser. Your browser will save this information to make repeat trips to the same website easier — for example, this is how your web browser remembers you are logged into a website. While cookies are very useful, over time they can build up and cause applications to run slower, experience errors and glitches, and more. Clearing your browser’s cookies–or its “cache”–periodically can help your laptop run better, glitch less, and in general make your browsing experience a little less stressful. You can also check out this Knowledge Base article about how to clear your browser’s cookies to learn more.

That’s all for today! Stop by the Help Desk tomorrow, May 6 anytime between 8am-6pm to clear your cookies and get OREOS in return.