Tech Tip: Hybrid Meetings

Holding a hybrid meeting? Use the iSchool buildings' built-in computers! Image of a woman on a computer screen.

Whether you’re teaching a class or reserving a conference room for a meeting, if you’re holding a hybrid event you want it to go smoothly. Hybrid meetings are meetings with both in-person attendees as well as attendees joining over Zoom. If attendees are joining over Zoom and you would like them to speak or hear in-person attendees, you should use the room’s built-in computers.

Built-ins are computers included in iSchool conference rooms and classrooms. Some built-ins look like physical computers that can connect to projectors. Others might not be visible, but are accessible by using control panels in the room. Both kinds of built-in are designed to connect to the cameras and microphones in conference rooms and classrooms, while laptops are not. So while using your laptop to join a meeting might seem like the easier option, it can lead to audio and visual issues in the middle of a hybrid meeting. 

To learn more about how to use the built-ins for specific rooms, take a look at the linked KnowledgeBase article. You can also contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns by emailing or calling us at 217-244-4903. We can help you troubleshoot any issues using the built-ins, and can also help you set up hybrid events. Fill out the iSchool Tech Support Request Form to have Help Desk staff stop by before your event to help set up tech.