Tech Tip: Graduation Resources

Image congratulating new UIUC graduates and sharing a link to resources they can access after graduating.

As finals wrap up and the fall semester comes to an end, some of you are getting ready to graduate. With graduation comes a bunch of important questions, including ones like: will I lose access to my university account? If so, when? How do I save files linked to my Outlook email? My Box account? My Canvas courses?

Never fear! The Help Desk has a Knowledge Base article all about how long you keep your access to university accounts, as well as information about how to save important files and emails. If you still have more questions about graduation and what login information and tech services you can access, please reach out to us! The Help Desk is happy to help answer your questions and concerns. You can contact us at 217-244-4903 or You can also visit us in-person at 614 E Daniel Street. We’re located on the 4th floor, and will be open for the summer from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

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