Sun Soaked Cuteness

Today’s Pet of the Week cuteness comes from Monty, a black lab/hound mix. His human, Jill, says he’s a very good boy who enjoys a nice walk on a sunny day. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can definitely feel his happiness coming through with that smile! We hope everyone gets to soak up some sun over the weekend like Monty!

Monty, the black lab/hound mix dog

proudly hail our alma mutter

Hey, recent iSchool alums! Have you received your diplomas in the mail yet? I can tell you our Pet of the Week certainly has, and, boy!, is she smug about it!

Lucy here will NOT stop barking on about being the valepuptorian of her grrrraduating class. Now that she has a muttster’s degree in advanced cuteness, she’s really the top dog around campus and at home. Her human, Sara, is such a proud puprent. No more ruff nights of studying for this smarty pants!

Have a clever cat or precocious pup in your dorm? Send them in to be our Pet of the Week! If you can handle the bragging, that is.