Graduation Tips

Images of graduation caps and confetti against a navy blue background.

As finals wrap up and the fall semester comes to an end, some of you are getting ready to graduate. With graduation comes a bunch of important questions, including ones like: will I lose access to my university account? If so, when? How do I save files linked to my Outlook email? My Box account? My Canvas courses?

Never fear! The Help Desk has a Knowledge Base article all about how long you keep your access to university accounts, as well as information about how to save important files and emails. You can find it at

If you still have more questions about graduation and what login information and tech services you can access, please reach out to us! The Help Desk is happy to help answer your questions and concerns. You can contact us at 217-244-4903 or You can also visit us in-person at 614 E Daniel Street. We’re located on the 4th floor, and will be open for the next two weeks from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Tech Tip: Preparing for Registration

Using Course Explorer

Course Explorer Tips

Thinking about classes for next semester but not sure where to turn? With Class Schedules now available, it’s time to get reacquainted with how to search for classes in past, present, and future semesters in the Course Explorer! Learn all about how to use Course Explorer in the iSchool Knowledge Base.

iSchool Syllabi

We also have old iSchool class syllabi available for you to browse as you plan. You can access them through the Syllabus Project. Folders are organized by semester. Individual files are labeled with the subject, course number, section, semester, course name, and instructor.

Because there are so many syllabi in each folder, be sure to scroll down and give the page some time to load the files.

Dates to Keep in Mind

The dates below have been posted on the Registrar’s website.

October 2, 2023: Class schedule available on Course Explorer

October 16, 2023: Time Tickets (earliest registration times) for Spring 2024 priority registration available to view on Student Self-Service

October 30, 2023: Priority registration begins for Spring 2024 for eligible continuing and returning students

November 16, 2023: Open registration begins for new and all other students

Tech Tip of the Week: Printing at the iSchool

Tech Tip: Printing. Are you an iSchool student? Need to print? We can help! Image of a printer with question marks.

Have you ever needed to print something and not known where to do it? Never fear! The iSchool has some printers that you can use!


We recommend using the public printers in both iSchool buildings. To learn more about the public printers and where they live, check out this Knowledge Base page.

Old iSchool Building (501 E. Daniel St.)

  • Optimus: in front of the Help Desk on the 2nd floor
  • Chip: next to the stairwell outside Room 12A on the 1st floor

New iSchool Building (614 E. Daniel St.)

  • Luna: in front of the Help Desk on the 4th floor (head left when you get out of the elevator to get to the Help Desk, then Luna is around the corner on your right)

Printing Cost and Quota

iSchool Masters and CAS students have $21 in printing credit per semester, and this quota may only be used on the iSchool printers. You must be currently enrolled in an iSchool course to use this budget. School faculty, staff, and PhD students are not charged for printing, although it is tracked. Both black and white and color printing cost $0.10/page. Color printing is available on Optimus (located on the 2nd floor near the Help Desk in the 501 E. Daniel St. iSchool building) as well as Luna (located on the 4th floor near the Help Desk of the 614 E. Daniel St. iSchool building).

Please note, unused printing quotas do not carry over from semester to semester. Check your printing balance on the Illinois Papercut page. Additional printing quota can be purchased on the IlliniCash website. 

Undergraduate iSchool students (BSIS or BSIS+DS as their primary major) have access to printers across campus, including the ones in the iSchool. There is a printing quota of $10 per semester for fall and spring that is available for use with iSchool printers. Black and white printing and color printing cost $0.10/page until you use up your $10 quota. After you use up that $10, printing costs $0.40/page.

Please note, unused printing quotas do not carry over from semester to semester. Check your printing balance on the Illinois Papercut page. Additional printing quota can be purchased on the IlliniCash website. 

Printer Installation for Your Computer

Though we do have self-service kiosks where you can log in and print from (Chip and Optimus in 501 E. Daniel St. and Luna in 614 E. Daniel St.), you also have the option to connect your computer to the printers to be able to print directly from your computer when you are in the building. Instructions for how to install the printers on Mac are here and PC are here! Always feel free to drop by the Help Desk if you need assistance with installing printers or have any other questions!

For more tips and guidance on printing, including troubleshooting, copying, and printing with staples, visit our page on iSchool Connect or check out the iSchool Knowledge Base.