Blue-eyed Boomer

Feeling a little frigid this week? Boomer will keep the chill at bay with his own icy blue eyes. And for an extra scratch behind his handsome ears, he’ll cuddle in your lap and warm you for hours. Emma is a lucky human to have this pupper for cozy company.

A corgi name Boomer standing in a hallway staring into the camera. Boomer is white with brown and black accented coloring. His eyes are bright blue and his ears are the same size as his head.

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Sir Skeeter the Corgi of Pennsylvania

Our first November pet of the week is Skeeter! Skeeter is a corgi and a Pennsylvania native. He misses his human Krysta very much when she is off studying preservation techniques. But when she comes home, he gets very excited for belly scratches and long walks with her.

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An orange a white corgi laying in the grass. His head is tilted so that he's staring at something to the right.

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Beowoof the Super Dog

Boo! This week, get into the spooky season with our Pet of the Week, Beowoof!

Beowoof is an 8 year old Saint Bernard and a certified therapy dog of 7 years. He and his owner Samantha have volunteered at many libraries and schools together over the years. He’s even worked at LAX International Airport! What an impressive resume! You’re one cool pooch, Beowoof!

Meet the Dog of Thunder!

Check out our 12-year-old good boi that we’re featuring this week–Thor. Don’t let his age fool you–he can be grumpy sometimes but he loves getting into shenanigans with his sister Tessa and taking her stuffed toys.
Decorative graphic featuring a brown-medium sized dog. He's standing on a sidewalk glance to the left with a forlorn expression on his face. Graphic reads: "iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week; Thor"
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Oh, Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood

We’ve got snakes on the brain this week, folks! Meet Ophelia, a gentle ball python who provides her human company. She is most supportive when Kayla is cleaning or working on homework.

Decorative graphic featuring a thick snake wrapped around someone's hand. The snake is black with olive-colored spotting that is similar to leopard print. some of the spots have black spots in the center. The snake's head is pointed upward and resting on the top of her owner's hand. Graphic reads: "Ophelia, iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week"

Follow Ophelia’s lead, and slither off into a good weekend!

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Dogs Need Stuffed Animals Too

Happy Friday! the next member of Kayla’s menagerie is Tessa. The first time you meet Tessa, she will bring along a stuffed animal for you to meet as well and to keep her company, as she can get a little scared sometimes.

Decorative graphic featuring a brown golden retriever flopped on a bed and looking into the camera with a pair of sad brown eyes. Graphic reads: iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week; Tessa.

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He’s Ready for His Close Up!

Our POTW is this dapper little dude! Bert is a strapping 10-year-old Miniature Dachshund who isn’t so mini. His daily jobs are protecting his house from bikes, squirrels, joggers, and the occasional rabbit. He also supports Abbie Mills while she does her homework by taking naps nearby in case she needs any assistance. In is free time, he loves playing fetch and tug, painting, and modeling. Bert is truly the best boy, and after he is done barking when you first meet, he really wants to be your friend. ❤️

Picture of a dog with a bow tie

Bonus content of Bert being the amazing artist he is!