A Warm Start to the Semester

We hope you get some time to relax before the start of the semester, just like this week’s Pet of the Week, Dexter (black) and Uma (black and white)

Thank you to Dexter and Uma’s favorite human, Kati, for sharing with us what peak relaxation looks like.  Good luck in the Fall semester, Illini!

Working for the Weekend

It’s finally Friday!

As much as we’re looking forward to the weekend, we doubt we’re as excited as Chloe here. Chloe is so loved she gets her own, personal omelette every Saturday! Do you think she’ll make one for me, too?

Thank you to her human, Kerstin, for sharing this adorable fluff-ball with us!

Photo of dog in a blanket

This Kitty is on the Case!

We apologize for the late post, but Detective Curtis Lemansky was off solving crime, and couldn’t be here for the blog.

But do not fear! Lem is doing his due diligence in protecting us from crime with his incredibly handsome looks.

Thank you, Kiri, for assuring us that Lem is keeping us safe from wrongdoers!

Photo of cat laying on its back

Longing Gazes into the Weekend

This week the Help Desk was graced with nobility the likes of which we have never seen.

We had to make sure everyone saw Eartha Kitty, and hope that her proud stance will inspire you into the weekend! Thank you Kiri for sharing this adorable floof with us!

Photo of cat looking out a window

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We’ll Miss You Lil!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We have a very special Pet of the Week this week, submitted by Lil Levant!

Say hello to this dapper cutie, Miguel Ramon Montero Levant!

Lil has been the iSchool’s Interim Career Services Coordinator, and is working her last day with us next week.

Thank you for all your hard work, Lil! We’ll miss you!

photo of dog riding in a car

Happy Birthday Bratwurst!

The birthday celebration continues this week with Bratwurst the guinea pig! Bratwurst and her human Kaye celebrated her birthday on December 20th, and the Help Desk hopes they had a wonderful time with lots of birthday treats.

Photo of a guinea pig in a birthday hat

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Say Hello to Penny!

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the pet of the week!

This week Sophie obeyed her kitty’s orders and blessed us all with this adorable photo. Say hello to Penny, the meme-ready cutie!

Photo of cat sitting on stairs

This is the face we make when we have assignments to finish over Homecoming weekend.

We want to feature your cutie! Send the Help Desk a picture of your pet so we can show everyone how adorable they are!