Tech Tip: Are you ready for Zoom?

Have you heard? The majority of our online classes are making the switch to Zoom. If you are feeling nervous about Zoom, don’t worry! The Help Desk is here to help.

We will be holding a series of workshops tailored just for student’s needs.

Tuesday 1/7 11:00am
Tuesday 1/7 6:00pm
Thursday 1/9 7:00pm
Monday 1/13 6:00pm
Wednesday 1/15 1:00pm
Wednesday 1/15 7:00pm
Friday 1/17 12:00pm

Join the Zoom room here.

We hope to see you there!

Tech Tip: Taking a Break!

This week’s tech tip is also a life tip.

Take a little time away from your computer or phone or whatever device that can cause you stress.

It is important to bring yourself back to the things you love. Maybe that’s reading a book or watching a movie or catching up with a friend. Whatever brings you joy. Then you can get back to all the emails and the deadlines and various obligations. All those things will still be there whether you take a small break or not.

So take the break. Stay away from technology for just a little bit.

Thank you for coming to our Tech Talk.

Screen capture of Best in Show
Watch the dog show this Thanksgiving. Or just watch Best in Show.

Tech Tip of the Week: Change at the iSchool

Students returning for the fall semester will definitely notice some changes to the iSchool. Many of them are physical changes to the building (new furniture! new offices! even *gasp* new buildings!?) but a lot of change comes from online!

Though the ITD office may have moved around, the Help Desk is a steadfast institution. You can still find us in the same place!

You WILL however find our Moodle in a different place. Courses were previously hosted on our homemade Starting this semester, you will join your classes from the campus-wide Moodle

This is an exciting change that we are all tackling together! There is one more potential change in the future but we will save that for another blog post.

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks before the semester!

Tech Tip of the Week: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Did you get a new phone?  You’ll need to update your 2FA account with your new device.  This is true even if you have the same phone number.

For more information on all things 2FA, remember this website:

For more specific information on managing your devices through 2FA, check it out here.

Tech Tip of the Week: Gmail

This week’s tech tip comes courtesy of the New York Times.

Did you know that dots . or + don’t matter in Gmail addresses? Filter out annoying emails by adding these characters into your email address.

It’s also a helpful way to track what companies are giving out your email address! Read the full story from NYT here.

Dog of the Day: July 1

Photo of dog calendar on Monday July 1st, 2019
“July!?” — this dog, probably

Happy Monday and July (!?) 1st everyone! Summer is in full-swing over here at the Help Desk. That means we’re tackling tickets and missing our dear leader while she is off on summer vacation.

It’s been 7 days since someone has laid out snacks for the GAs and we are getting hungry…

Hope you’re having a better hair day than this tiny friend. And if you stop by the Help Desk… we wouldn’t say no to some snacks.