Tech Tip of the Week: Accessible Links

Whenever you need to include a link in an email or on a webpage, make sure you follow accessibility guidelines to ensure easy access for all. Creating accessible links helps those using screen readers determine exactly what information they will find by choosing a link. When links do not have meaningful associated text, those using screen readers might be unsure of where a link leads. The following tips avoid this issue. 

  • Embedded hyperlinks should be included within meaningful text. Avoid wording such as “learn more” or “click here.” 
  • Do not display the URL as the hyperlink. 
  • If directing someone to email for more information write, “Questions about [topic] can be directed to [written out email address]” and attach link to the written out email address. 

For more accessibility tips, check out the accessibility training on the iSchool Technology Training page located on Canvas.

Tech Tip of the Week: Fall Technology Workshops

The iSchool Help Desk is planning to host several workshops throughout the semester to provide iSchool students with opportunities to build their tech skills. But before we schedule them, we would like to hear from you about what you would like to see! 

To access previous workshops hosted by the Help Desk, visit the iSchool Technology Training page on Canvas. You can watch recordings and review course materials, as well as get ideas about what else you’d like to learn.