Tech Tip of the Week: Experiencing Slow WiFi?

This week’s Tech Tip comes courtesy of Intel.

If you are struggling with slow WiFi, moving your router or optimizing your setting could be a quick fix. This could help some of the spotty audio issues that you experience during online classes!

Read more tips from Intel here.

Tech Tip of the Week: Having a Back-Up Plan

Imagine that you are about to submit your final research paper of the semester or an article to a journal that you have spent weeks, if not months, perfecting. All of the sudden your computer dies and won’t turn back on. You have lost all of your work and have to start all over again.

This Tech Tip of the Week is all about backing up your work to prevent this from happening.

Keeping important work on the cloud, such as in GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or Box, is a great way to back up your work because the cloud can be accessed from any computer.

Saving work to an external hard drive or USB flash drive is another way to make sure your files are saved to more than one location.

Tech Tip of the Week: Change at the iSchool

Students returning for the fall semester will definitely notice some changes to the iSchool. Many of them are physical changes to the building (new furniture! new offices! even *gasp* new buildings!?) but a lot of change comes from online!

Though the ITD office may have moved around, the Help Desk is a steadfast institution. You can still find us in the same place!

You WILL however find our Moodle in a different place. Courses were previously hosted on our homemade Starting this semester, you will join your classes from the campus-wide Moodle

This is an exciting change that we are all tackling together! There is one more potential change in the future but we will save that for another blog post.

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks before the semester!

Tech Tip of the Week: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Did you get a new phone?  You’ll need to update your 2FA account with your new device.  This is true even if you have the same phone number.

For more information on all things 2FA, remember this website:

For more specific information on managing your devices through 2FA, check it out here.

Tech Tip of the Week: Gmail

This week’s tech tip comes courtesy of the New York Times.

Did you know that dots . or + don’t matter in Gmail addresses? Filter out annoying emails by adding these characters into your email address.

It’s also a helpful way to track what companies are giving out your email address! Read the full story from NYT here.

Tech Tip of the Week: IllinoisNet for Android Users

This is related to last week’s tech tip concerning IllinoisNet WiFi!

If you’re an Android user, connecting to IllinoisNet WiFi will look a little different than your iPhone peers.

It takes just a few extra steps, and you might need to download a wifi certificate before you login with your NetID and password. Visit this helpful resource from UIUC Tech Services for more detailed directions here.

Tech Tip of the Week: Wifi

The TTW is short and sweet this week but this is good to keep in mind when you start the initial troubleshooting process.

Always double check that you are connected to Illinois Net wifi!

If printing from your laptop isn’t working or you suddenly stop having access to the webpages, your wifi connection may be to blame. Double check that your computer didn’t default to the guest account!

Tech Tip of the Week: Box

For this week’s TTW, we wanted to share something tricky about Box.

Are you wanting to store files in Box? If you’ve never used it before, be sure to go through the set-up process under “Sign Up” first. It seems like you should just be able to login with your NetID and password, but you will have to make an account first!

Screenshot of Box with arrows pointing to link called "Sign Up"

Tech Tip of the Week: Graduation Check-In

Less of a tech tip and more of a check-in for this week.

Did you just recently graduate? If so, congratulations! If not, congratulations on not needing to panic about the job hunt yet!

If you did just graduate, there are some things that you should do in order to put all your little iSchool ducks in a row.

  • If you want to keep access to your Illinois email, you’ll need to forward messages to a non-Illinois account. Check out how to do that here.
  • You will have access to Box one year after graduation! No need to back up those files right away. But doing so before you forget might be a good idea.
  • You can keep your Moodle access as long as you keep your password updated! Reset your password once a year.
  • Make sure you keep in touch with the Alumni office! Update your information so we can brag about all the great things you’ll accomplish.