Sir Skeeter the Corgi of Pennsylvania

Our first November pet of the week is Skeeter! Skeeter is a corgi and a Pennsylvania native. He misses his human Krysta very much when she is off studying preservation techniques. But when she comes home, he gets very excited for belly scratches and long walks with her.

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An orange a white corgi laying in the grass. His head is tilted so that he's staring at something to the right.

Do you have a pet that you want to share? Email us their picture at!

Beowoof the Super Dog

Boo! This week, get into the spooky season with our Pet of the Week, Beowoof!

Beowoof is an 8 year old Saint Bernard and a certified therapy dog of 7 years. He and his owner Samantha have volunteered at many libraries and schools together over the years. He’s even worked at LAX International Airport! What an impressive resume! You’re one cool pooch, Beowoof!

Dogs Need Stuffed Animals Too

Happy Friday! the next member of Kayla’s menagerie is Tessa. The first time you meet Tessa, she will bring along a stuffed animal for you to meet as well and to keep her company, as she can get a little scared sometimes.

Decorative graphic featuring a brown golden retriever flopped on a bed and looking into the camera with a pair of sad brown eyes. Graphic reads: iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week; Tessa.

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Bouncing Ears, Soft Snores, and So Much More!

Our POTW is Shiloh, an 11 year old Mini Australian Shepherd who was adopted at 3 years old from an Aussie rescue! He lives in San Diego, California, with his favorite human, Olivia. When he isn’t enjoying long walks on the beach and barking at waves, he can be found eating, sniffing, barking at the dog next door, and sleeping and snoring. While he isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs, has a tendency to tear apart toys, and steal socks, he is such a beautiful boy with ears that bounce when he walks. How could you resist bouncing ears?! I know I can’t!
Have a great weekend, iSchoolers, and enjoy a nice walk (even if it can’t be on the beach)!

Picture of a dog on the beach and a note that says pet of the week and the dog's name Shiloh

Kimber the Sneaky Snacker

Our Pet of the Week is Kimber! She is an opinionated gal who likes love and cuddles on her terms, and her sneak attack skills are next level when it comes to nabbing human food. Some of the feasts she has devoured include an entire tray of popcorn shrimp, a full plate of asparagus, and six bratwursts! Snack time is the best time, and we think Kimber would agree!

proudly hail our alma mutter

Hey, recent iSchool alums! Have you received your diplomas in the mail yet? I can tell you our Pet of the Week certainly has, and, boy!, is she smug about it!

Lucy here will NOT stop barking on about being the valepuptorian of her grrrraduating class. Now that she has a muttster’s degree in advanced cuteness, she’s really the top dog around campus and at home. Her human, Sara, is such a proud puprent. No more ruff nights of studying for this smarty pants!

Have a clever cat or precocious pup in your dorm? Send them in to be our Pet of the Week! If you can handle the bragging, that is.

grey of muzzle, good of boi

Happy long weekend, iSchoolers! Before you frolic off for a few days of summer fun (or marathon Animal Crossing), let’s take a moment to pause and consider the true mysteries of life. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Will they ever bring back Firefly? They say that wisdom comes with age, so perhaps our Pet of the Week can give us some answers.

This is Christopher, and he has been the goodest of bois for 13 years. THIRTEEN. What knowledge rests behind his soulful eyes? What lessons can he teach us? We contacted his humans, Kathryn and Carol, for this report:

Christopher loves penguins. He calls them penglings.

…Christopher is an actual genius.

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Working for the Weekend

It’s finally Friday!

As much as we’re looking forward to the weekend, we doubt we’re as excited as Chloe here. Chloe is so loved she gets her own, personal omelette every Saturday! Do you think she’ll make one for me, too?

Thank you to her human, Kerstin, for sharing this adorable fluff-ball with us!

Photo of dog in a blanket