Mercy sakes alive, this dog is CUTE! 😍 😍 😍

Join us in welcoming our newest iSchool Pet of the Week, Mercy! Mercy is a 2-year-old Bichon Frise. Her favorite food is lettuce, and she enjoys playing in the snow and snuggling in the recliner. Her favorite toy is a large quail named Dan-Dan, and she viciously chases him for anyone who is willing to toss him around.

If you’d like to submit your pet to be the iSchool Pet of the Week, shoot us an email at with their name, photo, and any cute stories you’d like to share!

Lucy the Research Assistant

This week’s iSchool Pet of the Week is Lucy!

Lucy is known for clocking long days in the office and in the lab with her human, Sarah. Lucy’s job duties include: being cute, cuddling, and napping. Based on Lucy’s outstanding performance review, we at the Help Desk believe Lucy should be promoted to Research Lab Manager!

If you’d like to submit your pet to be the iSchool Pet of the Week, send us an email at with their name, photo, and any cute stories you’d like to share!

Beowoof the Super Dog

Boo! This week, get into the spooky season with our Pet of the Week, Beowoof!

Beowoof is an 8 year old Saint Bernard and a certified therapy dog of 7 years. He and his owner Samantha have volunteered at many libraries and schools together over the years. He’s even worked at LAX International Airport! What an impressive resume! You’re one cool pooch, Beowoof!

Working for the Weekend

It’s finally Friday!

As much as we’re looking forward to the weekend, we doubt we’re as excited as Chloe here. Chloe is so loved she gets her own, personal omelette every Saturday! Do you think she’ll make one for me, too?

Thank you to her human, Kerstin, for sharing this adorable fluff-ball with us!

Photo of dog in a blanket

Captain’s Log, Stardate -302916.84059400926

As another week of term passes, our crew has again succeeded in obtaining an exceptional exemplar for our Pet of the Week assignment.

Photo of dog sitting on a couch

Pup Star Trek beams in from a Class M planet full of strange purple fossils and elegant collars. His wide, trusting eyes and especially floppy ears have brought many members of the crew to exclaim, “Awww.” Initial readings suggest this life form has an affinity for Earth vegetables, snuggles, and being cute.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Lieutenant Linden for providing us with this specimen. Perhaps other members of the crew will have knowledge of similarly fascinating creatures we might feature as the Pet of the Week. With any luck, those crew members will contact the bridge with their findings.

🖖 Live long and prosper through another week!

We’ll Miss You Lil!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We have a very special Pet of the Week this week, submitted by Lil Levant!

Say hello to this dapper cutie, Miguel Ramon Montero Levant!

Lil has been the iSchool’s Interim Career Services Coordinator, and is working her last day with us next week.

Thank you for all your hard work, Lil! We’ll miss you!

photo of dog riding in a car

Just What the Dogtor Ordered

It’s the Friday before Fall Break, and we’ve got an extra sweet pupper for whatever ails you!


photo of dog on a walk


Max thinks he might have heard that you’re all worn out from studying. He’d like to politely suggest you rest up over break. Maybe? Please? For Max?
The Help Desk thinks that Max has an excellent idea. Plus, how could you possibly say no to this face? And Zoe (Max’s lucky human), if you aren’t having a nap party with this snuggle buddy all break, what are you even doing with your life?
The only thing that could make this Fall Break better is having more adorable friends to pick between. Make sure you send us your best buddy to be featured as our Pet of the Week!