Blizzard the Help Desk Co-Worker…Sometimes

Our Pet of the Week is our very own Jen Anderson’s adorable (if not slightly neurotic) feline friend, Blizzard! Blizzard enjoys making quick cameos during our Help Desk meetings but only when he deems us worthy of his presence…which usually isn’t too often. Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally!

Picture of white cat near a book called who to live with a neurotic cat

Lights, camera, pose!

Pascal here is truly owning it in this picture, and the coordination of his bandana to the green background is outstanding! He could be working the runway in all his fashionable adorableness. 
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Image of dog with green bandana around his neck.

What do you mean break is almost over?

Did you all miss Pet of the Week as much as we did? To get us back into the furry feature of the week, we have Padmé! She may look like she is a little scared for the new semester approaching, but her human says she loves to sit in on classes with her furry friend, Poe!

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Whiskers by the Window

This sweet and furry friend of ours is Punkin! She enjoys sunbathing any chance she gets and greeting anyone who walks by her window. When she isn’t busy soaking up some sun, she enjoys all the belly scratches and hanging out with her humans. Punkin and your friends at the Help Desk wish you all luck during finals week!

Picture of cat laying on a blanket

And please enjoy some bonus Punkin content!

Picture of a cat laying on a blanket

Kimber the Sneaky Snacker

Our Pet of the Week is Kimber! She is an opinionated gal who likes love and cuddles on her terms, and her sneak attack skills are next level when it comes to nabbing human food. Some of the feasts she has devoured include an entire tray of popcorn shrimp, a full plate of asparagus, and six bratwursts! Snack time is the best time, and we think Kimber would agree!