Whiskers by the Window

This sweet and furry friend of ours is Punkin! She enjoys sunbathing any chance she gets and greeting anyone who walks by her window. When she isn’t busy soaking up some sun, she enjoys all the belly scratches and hanging out with her humans. Punkin and your friends at the Help Desk wish you all luck during finals week!

Picture of cat laying on a blanket

And please enjoy some bonus Punkin content!

Picture of a cat laying on a blanket

Kimber the Sneaky Snacker

Our Pet of the Week is Kimber! She is an opinionated gal who likes love and cuddles on her terms, and her sneak attack skills are next level when it comes to nabbing human food. Some of the feasts she has devoured include an entire tray of popcorn shrimp, a full plate of asparagus, and six bratwursts! Snack time is the best time, and we think Kimber would agree!

Sun Soaked Cuteness

Today’s Pet of the Week cuteness comes from Monty, a black lab/hound mix. His human, Jill, says he’s a very good boy who enjoys a nice walk on a sunny day. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can definitely feel his happiness coming through with that smile! We hope everyone gets to soak up some sun over the weekend like Monty!

Monty, the black lab/hound mix dog

Flashback Friday: Vintage Kitty Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s Pet(s) of the Week features our first vintage pets circa 1980!

Up in front we have Rupert (orange) whose owner, Carol, told us he loved to “walk around the apartment just doing loud meowing with slight pauses sometimes as if they were words.” Freddy (black) looks to be having a moment of intense contemplation that may be relatable for some of us as we finish up our second week back to school. Not to be left out, we have their papier-mâché friend in the back completing this perfect feline trio.

These three friends and everyone at the Help Desk are wishing you all a happy Labor Day weekend!