Meet Rupert

This week’s Pet of the Week is Rupert!

This 3-year-old has a personality as loud as he is! He’s the baby of the house and is best friends with his big brother, Peanut. But he’s been duking it out for “head of the house” with his big sister, Bella, for 3 years.

His likes include screaming, being sassy, aggressive nuzzling, and being adorable. His dislikes include being told no, lawnmowers, and his human leaving. He also has his human, Melissa, trained pretty well. Every morning he jumps on her shoulders to be carried to the kitchen for breakfast. The Help Desk loves Rupert and has decided to deem him “head of the Help Desk.”

If you would like to submit your pet to be the iSchool Pet of the Week, send us an email at with their name, pronouns, photo, and any cute stories you’d like to share!

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