Hiding Your Video Feed From Yourself in Zoom

This week we are sharing how to hide your video feed from yourself when you are in Zoom!

To hide your self view, right click on your video/picture to get the menu display. From the menu, select Hide Self View. If you are in Speaker mode, you will have the same option, but you will first have to enter full-screen view, hover over your image, and choose the icon on the left that says Hide thumbnail video when you hover over it. A box will appear in its place that tells you who is speaking.

Screenshot of Zoom options and how to hide self view

To show your self view again, right click on any user’s display and from the menu select Show Self View. If you are in Speaker mode, go to the box that tells you who is speaking and click the middle icon.

Screenshot of Zoom settings and how to show self view

For more information on how to hide your self view in Zoom, please see their documentation here.

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